Kingdom of Tagulandang / Isl. of Tagulandang – Prov. Sulawesi Utara

The kingdom of Tagulandang was located on the island of Tagulandang, prov. Nusa Utara. Kab. Kepulauan Siau Tagulandang Biaro.
This kingdom had its centre in Tulusan around 1570; under the power of Ratu Leheraung.

Location island of Tagulandang

Location island of Tagulandang











History of the kingdom of Tagulandang

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Between the years 1399 – 1500, some residents of the Bowontehu kingdom migrated to many other territories. Humansanduluge with his wife Tendensehiwu migrated to Molibagu, then from Molibagu to Pulau Ruang, Tagulandang, Biaro, Siau and Mangindano or Mindanau-Philippines; then they migrated to Kauhis Manganitu subdistrict, Sangihe island.
When they were at Sangihe, they climbed with followers mount Saharahumang-Sangihe and established the kingdom Tampunglawo as the oldest kingdom in Tabukan.
Bulango from the kingdom of Bowontehu migrated to Tagulandang. In Tagulandang, he and his son, who was named king Lohoraung and his followers established the Tagulandang kingdom. Bulango was the brother of Lokongbanua II, the first king of the Siau kingdom. Bulango and Lokongbanua II were the sons of the king of Mokodoludut and Abunia of the kingdom of Bowontehu. The other son of Mokodoludut was Yayubongkai as the first king of Bolaang Mangondow.

King of Tagulandang with dutch authority, 1902.

List of kings

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1) 1570-1609: Ratu Leheraung
He was the daughter of King Mokodompis grandson of king Binangkang of the Kingdom of Mangondow

2) 1609-1649: Raja Balange
He was the son of king Tabukan the II Pahawuatan; his queen was Taskea of Tagulandang.

3) 1649-1675: Raja Bawise
He was the son of king of Tabukan IV Don Fransisca Makaampow Judha II; his queen was Dolontenge I.

4) 1675-1720: Raja Philips Antoni Aralung Nusa
Son of king Bawis;e his queen was named Rampelang. He signed an agreement with the VOC in Ternate on 9 November 1677.

5) 1720-1758: Raja Johanis Batahi Jacobus Manihis
Son of king of Siau Hendrik Jacobus Rarame Nusa; his queen was Beli Sehiwu, sister of king Tagulandang the IV Philips Antoni Aralung Nusa.

6) 1758-1798: Raja Josef Tamarel
This king reigned a long time.

7) 1798-1820: Raja Cornelis Tamarel
He was the son of king Josef Tamarel

8) 1820-1835: Raja Musa Philips Jacobus
Son of king Kiria; his queen was Tinagari.
Putra dari Raja Kiria dengan permaisuri Tinagari. The centre of the government was moved from Tulusan to Buhias.

9) 1835-1845: Raja Johanis Philips Jacobz Amberi
Son of king Musa Philips Jacobz; his queen was Ndiari.

10) 1845-1862: Raja Frans Philips Jacobz Kumbea
Brother of king Johanis Philips Jacobz Amberi.

11) 1862-1870: Raja Lucas Philips Jacobz Tuwonbange
Son of king Johanis Philips Jacobz Amberi. He died in 1870 as a natural disaster victim during the eruption of Mount Awu Room of 1870, which claimed the lives of some 450 people.

12) 1870-1879: Raja Christian Matheos Makahiking

13) 1879-1885: Raja Laurens Philips Jacobz Karangtang
He received from the Dutch government a salary of 1150 guilders every month.

14) 1885 (7 bulan): Raja Nicodemus Jacobz Kalandang
He only ruled 7 months.

15) 1885-1900: Raja Salmon Bawole Takaliuang
He was from Manganitu.

16) 1900-1913: Raja Laurens Manuel Tamara

17) 1913-1917: Raja Cornelis Tamalere
After King Cornelis T stopped ruling in 1917, the government of Tagulandang Kingdom was run by Jegugu Johannis Manesseh under the supervision of the kings of Siau: 

* Raja A. J. K. Bogar

* Presiden Raja A. D. Laihad

* Raja L. N. Kansil, until 1922

18) 1922-1936: Raja Hendrik Philips Jacobz

19) 1936-1942: Raja Willem Philips Jacobz Simbat

In 1942 Japanese fascism began clutching its nails on Sangir land where king Simbat became the first victim of Japanese atrocities, and ended the history of Tagulandang or Mandolekang Kingdom. Subsequently switching the government to the hands of Japanese fascism and former Mandolekang Kingdom of Japan lifted Paul Tiendas with the title Shucekan.

King Hendrik Malempe Philips Jacobs of Tagulandang, 1922-1936.

King Salmon Bawole of Tagulandang, who ruled 1885-1901 — Sumber: Geerdink

Source kingdom of Tagulandang, island of Tagulandang (only indonesian language)

– Sejarah kerajaan Tagulandang:
Daftar Raja Tagulandang 1:
– Daftar raja Tagulandang 2:

Source kingdoms on the island of Sangihe (only indonesian language)

Sejarah kerajaan di Sangihe:
Sejarah kerajaan di Sangihe:
Sejarah kerajaan di Sangihe:
Sejarah kerajaan di Sangihe:
– Raja raja Sangihe Talaud:×600-normal-0-false-false-false-en.html
– Sejarah kerajaan-kerajaan di Sulawesi Utara:

Old maps of the islands of Sangihe (Sangir), Talaud and Tagulandang

 Sangihe (Sangir), Talaud and Tagulandang in Sulawesi Utara,  1700.


 Sangihe (Sangir) and Talaud, 1724


 Sangihe (Sangir), Talaud and Tagulandang, 1894

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