Kingdom of Tawaili / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah – Kab. Donggala

The kingdom of Tawaili is a kingdom in the District Donggala, prov. Central Sulawesi. It is a kingdom of the Kaili People. This kingdom already existed in the 16th century.

District Donggala

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About the king

Representative: YM. Madika Andi Sompa Yotolembah
The title of the king is Magau.

YM. Madika Andi Sompa Yotolembah

History of the kingdom

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Tawaeli Kingdom is one of the kingdoms in the Valley of Palu (Palu Now). Tawaeli Kingdom in its heyday was a kingdom, that had a wide area ranging from Ogoamas (Sojol North District, Donggala now) to Lasoani (District Mantikulore, Palu now).
Before conquered by the Dutch Government in 1904 the territory of Donggala Regency was the territory of the Government of independent kings:

NB: kerajaan = kingdom
* Kerajaan Palu
* Kerajaan Sigi Dolo
* Kerajaan Kulawi
* Kerajaan Biromaru
* Kerajaan Banawa
* Kerajaan Tawaili
* Kerajaan Moutong.

Before the 16th century, there existed an old kingdom in Boya Peramba (Nupabomba Village, now). It is not known exactly the year of its founding, because the lack of literature or physical evidence of this kingdom is one of the factors because the Kaili tribe people have not known the culture of writing for a long time.
Based on the folklore in the story of hereditary, the Kingdom of Boya Peramba had five people with the title Langganunu. Langganunu was the original title for the royal leaders before the popular MAGAU title.

Around the year 1550 the child of Langganunu Marukaluli named Yuntonulembah, after returning from Bone and Luwu, began to introduce a new term for the government as follows:

  • Magau = Maharaja
  • Madika Malolo = Raja Muda
  • Madika Matua = Assistent of the government
  • Baligau = Chairman of the Adat
  • Galara = Judge
  • Pabisara = Pambicara
  • Punggava = Assistent for farmers and dan Ekonomi.

The triumph of Tawaeli Kingdom was around 1888 when it was led by Magau to VI Yangge Bodu where in his time he managed to expand the territory of Tawaeli Kingdom to Ogoamas (Sojol Utara, Donggala now) and Lasoani (Mantikulore District, Palu.
In 1936 Magau the XI Lamakampali Djaelangkara (the last King of Tawaeli) divided the territory of Tawaeli Kingdom into 2 districts:

  • Tawaeli (north) Utara = capital Sirenja under the rule of H. Djamaludin Labulembah
  • Tawaeli (south) Selatan = capital Tawaeli under the rule of Abd. Muluk Yoto Labulembah

In 1954 the Tawaeli Kingdom was dissolved with Magau Lamakampali Djaelangkara as the last King. Its area of 2 districts is combined with Donggala District (formed on the basis of the former Kingdom of Pudjananti and Banawa Kingdom) which was inaugurated in 1952.

Magau the-11th, Djaelangkara, 1930-1936.

 List of kings

* Magau Ke I Labulembah alias Madika Tonavu Jara

He was the grandson of Langganunu Ke 3 Boya Peramba named Pialembah. He was also the first to open a settlement location known today as TAVA-ILI (Tawaeli) around the mid-16th century

* Magau Ke II Yuntonulembah alias Langgo

He is the son of Langganunu the 5th Boya Peramba named Marukaluli. He was the first to form the government structure after his return from Bone and Luwu and at the same time introduced the legislative government system with the term Libu Ntodea and formed a customary council named Kotta Pattanggota (the four corners of the region).

* Magau Ke III Daesalembah alias Madika Baka Tolu

Daesalembah child of Rendanuama (brother of Magau Yuntonulembah).

* Magau Ke IV Mariama alias Magau Dusu

Mariama the 4th child of Magau Daesalembah.

* Magau Ke V Dg. Pangipi alias Madika Beli

Dg. Pangipi child of Daeasia (Daeasia was grandchild of Yuntonulembah)

* Pemangku Jabatan Magau, Datumpedagi alias Pue Oge Nganga

Datumpedagi was step-brother of Dg. Pangipi. Appointed as a daily executive as Magau, or Magau’s temporary substitute because the 6th Magau is considered not old enough.

* 1888-1900: Magau ke VI Yangge Bodu alias Magau Pungu

Yangge Bodu was Dg’s first child. Pangipi with Andi Tondrang. Adopted by custom at the age of 12 years so appointed Wali Magau Datumpedagi to replace it temporarily. Yangge Bodu ruled from 1888-1900,

* Magau Ke VII Djaelangkara alias Mangge Dompo

Djaelangkara was the 5th descendent of Magau Daesalembah through his last child named Daetika.

* 1906-1908: Magau Ke VIII Tumpalembah alias Madika Bugi

Tumpalembah was the son of Magau Yangge Bodu, the Magau Tumpalembah leadership was short, lived only for 2 years 1906-1908.

* Magau Ke IX Labulembah alias Madika Kejo

Labulembah was the sister of Magau Djaelangkara. Labulembah ruled from 1908 to 1912,

* Magau Ke X Yoto Labulembah alias Papa Itjesale

Yoto Labulembah or better known as Yotolembah alias Papa, was a child of Magau Labulembah.

* Pemangku Jabatan Magau, Radja Tiangso

King Tiangso was sworn in as Magau official because of the legitimate heir of the Royal Throne that Lamakampali was still very young to be appointed as Magau. Radja Tiangso ruled from 1926-1930.

* 1930-1936: Magau ke XI Lamakampali Djaelangkara

Lamakampali was the son of Magau Djaelangkara. Appointed Magau in 1930 but only in 1936 Lamakampali was active in performing his duties as Magau.

– Source:

Yoto Labu Lemba (Yoto Lemba), Magau of Tawaeli X, 1912.

History of the kingdoms in Donggala region

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Map of Tawaili, Parigi, Palu, Banawa, 1916

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