Kingdom of Pea Langge / Prov. Sumatera Utara

The kingdom of Pea Langge was located on Sumatera, region Salak (Sumbul salam today), prov. Sumatera Utara.
This kingdom existed in the 14th century.

Provinsi of North Sumatera

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History of the kingdom

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The origins of the kingdom of Pea Langge were the remnants of the kingdom of Barus, who were still loyal to the king Malim named Mutya Raja. King Malim at that time went with his followers away from Barus territory and through the forests up to the Salak area (Sumbul salam now); after they arrived there, they founded a village called Pea Langge (circa 1360 AD). The village was built with existing materials found in the Langge area such as; wood, bamboo, ijukdan rattan. They did not build temples because not so many rocks were found there, but they still made statues, like elephant statues, horses, tigers.

After the fall of Pea Langge kingdom, Batak People did not have clans as it is at this time. After the fall of the Pea Langge kingdom there were many new villages (huta) emerging under the leadership of small kings in Batak land area. There were many fighting / war between villages because of the growing population. They expected to attacked from another tribe. Therefore, King Malim at that time as a royal counselor, suggested that it was better for the future that Batak kingdoms created their identity / Marga and their respective kinship systems that embrace the system of drawing a lineage from Father / Amang (patrilinil system) to prevent civil war.

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