Kingdom of Koto Alang / Sumatera, Prov. Riau

The kingdom of Koto Alang: existed in the 1st century. It was build on the ruins of the kingdom of Kandis. Sumatera, District of Kuantan Singingi,  Prov. of Riau.

District of Kuantan Singingi

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History of the kingdom of Koto Alang, 1st century AD

The kingdom of Kandis is estimated to found at 1 BC, predating the founding of the Kingdom Moloyou or Dharmasraya in Central Sumatra. Two figures are often referred to as the King of the Kingdom of Kandis are Patih and Tumenggung.
Maharaja Diraja, the founder of Kandis, build a magnificent palace in Bukit Bakau called Dhamna Palace. The son of Maharaja Diraja named Darmaswara with the title Mangkuto Maharaja Diraja (Crown prince Maharaja Diraja).
Then was founded too the kingdom of Koto Alang in Botung (Village Sangau now) with Aur Raja Kuning as king.
With the establishment of new kingdoms, issues about territory, arose between the warring kingdoms. Koto Alang attacked Kancil Putih, and then the kingdom of Kandis attacked Koto Alang and was defeated by Kandis. Koto Alang  kingdom did not want to be governed by Kandis, so king Aur Kuning moved to Jambi, while Patih and Chief moved to Merapi.
Not long afterwards, Kandis royal dignitaries were killed by King Sintong from China, his expedition is known as Sintong expedition. After defeating Kandis, King Sintong along with his soldiers went on a trip to Jambi.

The site of the kingdom

The site of the Kingdom of Koto Alang has been long forgotten. Only a few persons take care of it. Although guarded, still there are thieves, who want to sell objects of this site.

Remnants of Koto Alang

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