Regency of Bandung / Prov. Jawa Barat

Kabupaten (Regency) of Bandung was founded in 1641. Located on Jawa, Provinsi Jawa Barat.

Provinsi West Jawa

Kabupaten Bandung

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History of Regency Bandung

Bandung Regency was born through Piagam Sultan Agung of Mataram, on the 9th of the month of Muharram in the year Alif or Saturday the 20th of April 1641 AD. The first regent was Tumenggung Wiraangunangun (1641-1681 AD). Based on historical evidence April 20 is seen as the Founding Day of Bandung. The regent then was replaced by Tumenggung Nyili, one of his sons. However Nyili did not long hold that position, because he followed the Sultan of Banten. The following regent was Tumenggung Ardikusumah, a Dalem Tenjolaya (Timbanganten) in 1681-1704.

List of Bupati

1678 Bandung state founded.

1794 – 1829: Adipati Wiranatakusuma II
1829 – 1846: Adipati Wiranatakusuma III
1846 – 1874: Adipati Wiranatakusuma IV
1874 – 1893: Adipati Kusumadilaga
1893 – 1920: Adipati Aria Martanagara
1920 – 1931: Adipati Aria Wiranatakusuma V (1st time)
1931 – 1935: T. Hasan Sumadipradja
1935 – 1945: Adipati Aria Wiranatakusuma V (2nd time)
1945 – 1947: T.E. Suriaputra
1948 – 1956: Tumenggung Muharram Wiranatakusuma VI
1956 – 1957: Apandi Wiradiputra.

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Bupati of Bandung Raden Adipati Aria Wiranatakoesoema with wife

Old maps of Jawa

For old maps of Jawa (1598,  1612, 1614, 1650, 1660, 1800-an, abad ke-18, 1840) klik here

Jawa,  1650

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