Kingdom of Pulau Laut / Prov. Kalimantan Selatan

Kingdom of Pulau Laut: 1845 – 1903, located in the district of Kotabaru, prov. South Kalimantan.

District of Kotabaru

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About the king (2020)

The Customary Institution of the kingdom of Pulau Laut (Lembaga Adat Kerajaan Pulau Laut) is a community organization, which, based on its history and origin, honors customary law and carries out activities for the preservation and development of cultural customs. Established on March 25, 2017 in Kotabaru Regency.
Head of the Institution is: H. Gusti Rendy Firmansyah.

H. Gusti Rendy Firmansyah

History of the kingdom of Pulau Laut, 1845 – 1903

The Kingdom of Pulau Laut and Pulau Sebuku was a semi-independent kingdom. Pulau Laut, which was established by Prince Jaya Sumitra (King Kusan IV), he moved government to this area. The kingdom consists of Pulau Laut and Sebuku, off the southeastern coast of the island of Borneo.
Pangeran Jaya Sumitra bin Pangeran Aji Musa, Raja Kusan IV,  (since 1845), became  Raja Pulau Laut I.
Before, the centre of this kingdom was located near Kusan in Tanah Bumbu, South Kalimantan and was called the Kingdom of Kusan; after being moved to Pulau Laut, the King became King of Pulau Laut I. The kings of this region had the title of Pangeran or Ratu (for women), because this region is actually a branche of the Sultanate of Banjar. The children of the king of Pulau Laut were called Gusti (male) and Putri (female).
This kingdom was once a part of the Sultanate of Banjar. According to the Contract Agreement in 1797, Laut Pulo Sea (Pulau Laut) returns submitted to the Sultanate of Banjar (read: Sultan Tahmidullah II), because the agreement had previously been submitted to the VOC.

In front of the palace of Pulau Laut, 1900.

Small kingdoms under the Sultanate of Banjar.

Under the Sultanate of Banjar there were several small kingdoms in the region of Tanah Bumbu and Pulau Laut. They were semi-independent. Because government services were not covered by the Sultanate, these kingdoms kingdoms were given authority to rule within their region.
Small kingdoms under the rule of the Sultanate Bandar in Tanah Bumbu and Pulau Laut are:

1. The kingdom of Pagatan,
2. The Kingdom of Kusan,
3. The Kingdoms of Cengal Manunggal and Bangkalaan,
4. The Kingdoms of Cantung and Sampanahan,
5. The Kingdom of Sebamban,
6. The kingdom of Batulicin,
7. The Kingdom of Pasir,
8. The Kingdom of Kotabaru.

Pangeran Amir Husein bin pgn Berangta bin pgn Abdulkadir bin pgn H. Musa, king of Pulau Laut.

List of kings

* 1850 – 1861: King of Pulau Laut I : Pangeran Jaya Sumitra bin Pangeran Muhammad Nafis from Kerajaan Kusan,
* 1861 – 1873: King of Pulau Laut II : Pangeran Abdul Kadir bin Pg. Muhammad Nafis. In 1849 he married Aji Tukul/Ratu Intan II/Ratu Agung,
* 1873 – 1881: King of Pulau Laut III : Pangeran Berangta Kasuma bin Pg Abdul Kadir,
* 1881 – 1900: King of Pulau Laut IV : Pangeran Amir Husin Kasuma bin Pg. Berangta Kasuma,
* 1900 – 1903: King of Pulau Laut : Pangeran Abdurrahman Kasuma bin Berangta Kasuma (10 Januari 1900 – 7 Januari 1903),
* 1903 – 1903: Temporary King of Pulau Laut : Pangeran M. Aminullah Kasuma bin Pg. Amir Husin Kasuma ( 7 Januari 1903 – 3 April 1903), Kerajaan Pulau Laut deleted, direct government of the dutch.

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