Kingdom of Arangkaa / Isl. of Karakelong – Prov. Sulawesi Utara

The kingdom of Arangkaa is located on the island of Karakelong, prov. Sulawesi Utara, Kab. Kepulauan Talaud.
Karakelang is located south of the island of Talaud.

Location Kepulauan Talaud

Karakelang is located in the district of Talaud

* Foto archipelago Talaud: link 

* Video history Kepulauan Sangihe, Talaud, and Sitaro, 1295-2018: link
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History of the kingdom of Arangkaa 

The Arangkaa kingdom is located northeast of Karakelang Island (Talaud), and its territory includedd Arangkaa, Taruan, Gemeh, and Taturan. When the Dutch entered the island, Arangkaa was ruled king Manee. Since his position was also reduced to jogugu, king Manee became angry and demanded that he would be recognized as king by the colonial government. He stated that Jogugu’s position was more appropriate for his son, Andrias Binilang or Rumenta (page 28). Nevertheless, the colonial government did not want to meet this demand.
On July 23, 1893 there was the Arangkaa war, because the kingdom of Arangkaa under King Mane’e with warlord king Larenggam refused to sign Korte Verklaring or the Short Treaty imposed by the Dutch colonial rulers. Due to the politics of Devide et Impera, the kingdom of Arangkaa could be conquered and the king was shot dead with his wife.

About King Larenggam

Dozens of Dutch Indies army warships arrived in the waters of the Talaud Islands, North Sulawesi. The incident took place around the end of the 19th century. The ships were ready to attack the small kingdoms around the Talaud Islands.
The Dutch army leaders negotiated with the small kings there.
However, the kings refused. They did not want Dutch East Indies troops to come in and ransack their territory. Included among the little king was King Larenggam.

Grave of king Larenggam in desa Bannada

List of kings Arangkaa

* 1851-1890: Manee Binilang
* 1891-1893: Larenggam Sumalle

Source (only indon. language)

– Sejarah kep. Talaud:
– Sejarah kep. Talaud:

Old maps of the islands of Sangihe (Sangir), Talaud and Tagulandang

 Sangihe (Sangir), Talaud and Tagulandang in Sulawesi Utara,  1700.


 Sangihe (Sangir) and Talaud, 1724


 Sangihe (Sangir), Talaud and Tagulandang, 1894

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