Kingdom of Sintang / Prov. Kalimantan Barat

The Kingdom of Sintang: 4th century – 1950. Located in the District of Sintang, Province of West Kalimantan.

District of Sinta

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About the king

18 July 2020
Prince Raden Barry Danu Brata Perdana was appointed as the new sultan. Prince Raden Barry Danu Brata Perdana was immediately appointed as successor of the deceased Sultan Sintang H.R.M Ikhsan Perdana Ismail Tsafioeddin.
The appointment of Prince Raden Barry Danu Brata Perdana as the successor to the Sultanate of Al-Mukarramah Sintang was carried out on the tomb of Sultan Sintang H.R.M Ikhsan Perdana Ismail Tsafioeddin before his burial.
The new Sultan Sintang had the title Pangeran Prabu Kesuma Negara VI.

16 July 2020
Sultan Sintang, H.R.M. Ikhsan Perdana Ismail Tsafioeddin Sri Kusuma Negara V, passed away.

22 july 2006
HRM Ikhsani Perdana Ismail Tsafioeddin, titled Pangeran Ratu Sri Kesuma Negara V, was installed as Sultan of Sintang the 30th.

Prince Barry Danu Brata Perdana appointed as the new sultan, 18 juli 2020


Panembahan Sintang, Pangeran Ratu Sri Negara HRM Ikhsan Perdana, died 16 juli 2020

History of the kingdom of Sintang, 4th century – 1950

The principality of Sintang, in West Borneo (Kalimantan) originates in a union between local Dayak nobles and Javanese settlers. The progenitor of the family being a certain Aji Melayu, a Hindu nobleman from Java. His wife, Putri Junjung Bui, the daughter of a Moyang Dayak chief. Their descendant in the ninth generation, Assam or Hassan, is supposed to have adopted Islam and to be the founder of the principality sometime during the early fourteenth century. However, this is almost certainly apocryphal not real given that his grandchildren continued to bear Hindu names and titles.
In 1950 Sintang entered the Republik of Indonesia.

Gusti Ismail Kesuma Negara II, Panembahan Sintang. 1889 – 1905.

List of Kings

1. Dayang Lengkong
2. Abang Panjang (Pencin)
3. Demong Karang (abad ke-7)
4. Pati Kara
5. Demang Minyak (Macak)

6. Senari
7. Hasan
8. 1262-1291: Demang Irawan (Jubair Irawan I) sebagai raja pertama Kerajaan Sintang yang bergelar Jubair I
9. Dara Juanti
10. dari 1640: Abang Samad

11. Jubair Irawan II
12. Abang Suruh
13. 1640-1715: Abang Tembilang (Abang Pencin) yang bergelar Pangeran Agung, mulai masa Islam.
14. 1715-1725: Abang Tunggal dengan gelar Pangeran Tunggal
15. Abang Nata (Sultan Nata)

16. Adi Abdurrahman (Sultan Abdurrahman)
17. + 1795: Adi Abdurrosyid (Sultan Abdurrosyid)
18. + 1822: Ade Noh (Pangeran Ratu Ahmad Komaruddin)
19. + 1855: Gusti Muhammad Yasin (Pangeran Adipati Muhammad Djamaluddin)
20. Adi Abdurrasyid Kesuma Negara (Panembahan Abdurrasyid)

21. 1889-1905: Panembahan Ismail
22. 1905-1913: Gusti Abdul Majid (Panembahan Abdul Majid Pangeran Ratu Kesuma)
23. + 1934: Abdul Muhammad Djun
24. 1937-1944: Raden Abdul Bachri Danu Perdana
25. Dari / from 1946: Raden  Syamsuddin

2006: Sultan Sintang ke-30, Pangeran Ratu Sri Kesuma Negara V.

– Sumber / Source:

Gusti Adi Abdul Majid Kusuma Negara III, Panembahan Sintang (1905-1913).

Palace of the kingdom: Istana Al Mukarramah

This palace was built in 1937, during the reign of King Abdul Bachri Danu Perdana, who was the 24th king. The main construction is a wooden frame and shoelaceous pile foundation.
Until now, the Sintang Palace complex is still well maintained. It even became the residence of Sultan Sintang, Pangeran Ratu Sri Negara H.R.M Ikhsan Perdana.

By visiting the Sintang Sultanate Palace, visitors will see various historical objects. In addition, visitors can also see various kinds of historical objects in this palace. In the palace courtyard, you can see a cannon and a gourd stone site, which is a stone from Demong Irawan as a symbol of the founding of the Sintang Kingdom.

* Foto Palace Al Mukarramah: link


Kingdoms on West Kalimantan, 1800

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