Kingdom of Kandali (Kantoli) / Sumatera, Prov. Jambi

The kingdom of Kandali or Kantoli was a kingdom, that existed in  century 5-6. It was located in the province of Jambi, but location not yet sure.

Province of Jambi

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History of the kingdom

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The Kingdom of Kandali or Kantoli was an empire, that has not been able to identify the location of its existence. The majority of historians argue, Kandali (Kuntala) was located on the east coast of Sumatra around Jambi now. This kingdom emerged in the 5th – 6th century AD, in which it refers from a Chinese source, which states that Kan-to-li (Kandali) had repeatedly sent envoys from 441 – 563 AD. In the seventh century this kingdom disappeared, perhaps due to the emergence of two other kingdoms on the east coast of Sumatra namely; Malayu (Jambi) and Sriwijaya (Palembang).

In the region of Jambi there were 2 small kingdoms (= kerajaan), which existed about the 5th century:

kerajaan Ho-lo-tan and
kerajaan Kan-to-li.

Kingdom of Ho-lo-tan
In the history of the Sung dynasty (960-1280 AD) Holotan was located in She-po or Thu-po.
According to Sartono (1978), She-po or Thu-po is considered to be the same as Tebo now, namely Muebo Tebo. On the outskirts of the river Batanghari encountered an ancient settlement called Ke-do-tan. Still need to research the Ho-lo-tan toponym with Ke-do-tan thoroughly.

Kan-to-li kingdom
The second kingdom that had been in contact with China is the Kan-to-li kingdom. According to Chinese sources, the Kan-to-li kingdom had repeatedly sent envoys from 441 – 563 AD According to Mulyanan (1981), Kan-to-li toponyms are similar to Kuntala or Tungkal. So the Kan-to-li kingdom is in the interior of the Tungkal river, Jambi. The country of Kan-to-li disappeared at the beginning of the 7th century AD.

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