Kingdom of Tabukan / Isl. of Sangihe – Prov. Sulawesi Utara

The kingdom of Tabukan is located on the island of Sangihe, province of North Sulawesi (Nusa Utara). Tabukan Kingdom was formerly known as the Saluhang Kingdom, emerged in the 13th century. This kingdom was founded simultaneously with the Kingdom of Kendahe at that time. This kingdom existed until 1942.

Location of Sangihe


Location of Sangihe

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History of the kingdom of Tabukan

Antonio Pigafetta (a Magellan clerk in 1421) recorded that on the Sangihe there were four kings. Two on Siau and one on Tagulandang. But three centuries later historical sources, accoring to the writings of F. Valentijn, who came to the Sangihe early 18th century, mentioned only two kingdoms on Sangihe, namely Tabukan and Kalongan. According to him, then approximately in 1670 appeared nine kingdoms on Sangihe, namely: the kingdoms of Kendahe, Taruna, Kolongan, Manganitu, Kauhis, Limau, Tabukan, Sawang (Saban) and the Tamako.
After king Makaampo died, his son, Wuatengsemba, became the first king of Tabukan in the Portuguese and Spanish colonial period 1575-1610. Wuatengsemba married  with Tansekoa daughter, the daughter of the queen Lohoraung. The kingdom covered Selimahe untill Padarehokang, except the Tamako region from Lelapide to Toademanandu, which belonged to the kingdom of Siau during the reign of Makaampo. During his reign the Portugese came to Tabukan.

List of kings

– Source:

* 1530-1575: King don Macaampo / Wawenggehe
* 1575-1610: King Pahawuateng / Wuatengsemba, putera
* 1610-1677: R. Hama / Gamanbanua / Gadma, son. From 1654 Markus Vascoda Filianena (first ruler with the title king)
* 1677-1700: R. Don Francesco/Franciscus Macaampo Juda I/Rolongsego Juda I. (murdered), son
* 1700-1718: R. Mehengkelangki /Matheus Fransicscos Macaampo. Son
* 1718-1722: R. Jacob Markus Dalero. Brother.
* 1722-1757:
A) R. Don Philip Macaampo/Karula. Son 5.
B) Around 1748 t; dari 1748-17.e The king was sick. The Jogugu (district chief) was temporary-ruler: Jacobus Takalima.
* 1757-1782: R. David Johan Philip/ Macaampo Sani/Mawu Sinaka. Grandchild.
* 1782-1785?: Hendrik Daniel Paparang/Pahawuateng II. Grandchild.
* 1……-1847: R. Willem Alexander Paparang/Juda II. Son.

* 1847?-1851: Jacob Nicolaas Paparang/Bebesang. Son
* 1851-1880: Hendrik David Paparang/Kumuku/Mawu Nilawu. Brother
* 1880-1881: Regent Ahogho Paparang/Herman Paparang. Brother
* 1881-1882: Regent L.W. Israel Kakomba
* 1882-1883: Regent Labanasse Manossoh
* 1883: Regent Manganguling Laihad
* 1883: Regent Buli-Wuli (W.) Janis. Ruled 6 months.
* 1883-1885: Regent Ansa Dulage Kansil
* 1885-1892: Regent Cornelis Sirih Darea (1885-1892 (died when he was captured)
* 1892-1922: Raja David Jonathan Papukule Sarapil. Untill 1897 regen.
Had no legal royal children. One son was prince Sarapil, whose descendent after some generations was Raja David Sarapil, who was much praised by the dutch as a superb ruler. Born in 1850.

* 1922-1929: R. Willem Alexander Kahendage Sarapil (exiled to Sulawesi in 1928. .Already ruled 1-9-1922
* 1929-1944: R. Lefinus Israel Petrus Macpal. Killed by the japanese.
* 1944-1946: Temporary-Raja Umar Muhammad (Colonial official from Minahass) (also ruler of Tahuna 1942-1945?)
* 1946: Temp. Raja Abdullah Mohammad (Colonial official From Gorontalo)
* 1949-1951: Rudolf A. Tasin. Former Jogugu)
* 1951-1952: J.M. Laihad; Highest Ruler of the Self Governed State/Pejabat Swapraja
* 1952-1953: Buol Pontoh. Chief / Head of semi-independent state.

There are several lists of kings of Tabukan:

Family of king Sarapil (king of Tabukan), family K.G.F. Steller and Kel G.F Schroder (Penginjil Sangihe)

A brief history of the kingdoms on the Sangihe Islands

13th century: kingdom of Tampunganglawo.

After 1400 the Tampunganglawo kingdom was divided into 2 parts, namely the northern part named Sahabe (Lumango) and the southern part named Manuwo (Saluran).

After 1530 these two kingdoms were reunited again by King Makaampo (Makaampo Wawengehe) with his territory starting from Sahabe, Kuma, Kuluhe, Manalu, Channel to Lapango, and this kingdom was called Rimpulaeng with the center of government in Channel (Moade) and ended until 1575.

Then Tampunganglawo, 3 kingdoms emerged:
* The Tahuna (Malahasa) kingdom was centered in Tahuna (Bukide), with its King Ansaawuwo also known as Tatehe or Tatehewoba (1580-1625).
* The Manganese kingdom was centered in Kauhis, with its King Boo or also known as Liung Tolosang (1600-1630).
* The Kingdom of Kendahe was centered in Makiwulaeng, with its King Egaliwutang (1600-1640).

1670: Around the 1670s, apart from the Tagulandang kingdom and the previously existing Siau kingdom on the southern boundary (Siau Tagulandang Biaro Islands), in Sangihe there were nine kingdoms, namely:

kingdom of Kendahe,
kingdom of Taruna,
kingdom of Kolongan,
kingdom of Manganitu,
– kingdom of Kauhis,
kingdom of Limau,
kingdom of Tabukan,
– kingdom of Sawang (Saban)
– kingdom of Tamako.

1900: In the 1900s only three kingdoms remained on Sangihe, namely:
kingdom of Tabukan,
kingdom of Manganitu,
kingdom of Kendahe-Taruna.

Previous kingdoms disappeared because of a number of reasons.
The Tamako Kingdom became part of the Siau kingdom on the Siau Islands.
Meanwhile, the Limau kingdom was crushed by troops sent by the Dutch Governor in Maluku, Padtbrugge. This kingdom was ruined.
The Sawang Kingdom joined the Tahuna kingdom.
The Kauhis Kingdom joined the Manganitu kingdom.
In 1898 the kingdom of Kendahe and the kingdom of Taruna were united.

Source Tabukan (only indon. language)

– Sejarah kerajaan Tabukan:
Sejarah kerajaan Tabukan:
Daftar Raja Tabukan:
– Makam raja Tabukan Ampo Wawengeh (1530):

Source kingdoms on Sangihe (only indon. language)

Sejarah kerajaan di Sangihe:
Sejarah kerajaan di Sangihe:
Sejarah kerajaan di Sangihe:
Sejarah kerajaan di Sangihe:
– Raja raja Sangihe Talaud:×600-normal-0-false-false-false-en.html
– Sejarah kerajaan-kerajaan di Sulawesi Utara:

Old maps of the islands of Sangihe, Talaud dan Tagulandang

Islands Sangihe (Sangir), Talaud and Tagulandang, 1700.


Islands Sangir (Sangir) and Talaud, 1724


Islands Sangihe (Sangir), Talaud and Tagulandang, 1894

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