Kingdom of Meliau / Prov. Kalimantan Barat

The kingdom of Meliau, 1762-1960. Located on Kalimantan, Kab. Sanggau, prov. Kalimantan Barat.
Title of the king: Panembahan.

District of Sanggau

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History of the kingdom

The first king of the Meliau kingdom was Prince Mancar, the third son of Brawijaya from the Majapahit kingdom. Together with his brothers, Prince Mancar left the kingdom Tanjungpura often involved in war to the hinterlands of Borneo.
According to the Staatsblad van Nederlandisch Indië in 1849, the region was included in wester-afdeeling based on Bésluit van den Minister van Staat, Gouverneur-Generaal van Nederlandsch-Indie, on August 27, 1849, No. 8.

In 1866, Pangeran Adipati Mangku Negara of the kingdom of Meliau kingdom resigned. With the help of the Dutch, the crown prince who went abroad unnoticed, was found in Minahasa, North Sulawesi. He had embraced Christianity and became a trader. On the Dutch inducement, the crown prince returned to Meliau in 1869 and was crowned king with the title of Ratu Anum Paku Negara. Ratu Anum Paku Negara then converted to Islam and established a palace and pendopo of wood with beautiful architecture in his day.

Ratu Anum Paku Negara died in 1885. His only son, Abdul Salam at that time served as a prosecutor in Betawi. Abdul Salam later succeeded his father with the title of Ratu Anum Paku Negara. On August 2, 1889, being less satisfied with his income Prince Ratu Anum Paku Negara abandoned the royal throne and returned to Betawi. In 1897, he died without leaving offspring.

On 23 January 15, 1890, Gusti Mohamad Ali from the Tayan kingdom later incorporated the kingdom of Meliau to his kingdom, which became effective on February 26, 1890. During the reign of the next king of Tayan, Panembahan Anum Paku Negara, the Meliau kingdom was made Gouvernement Gebied under the rule the Dutch East Indies government.

List of Panembahan of Meliau

1762-17xx: Panembahan Mancar Diningrat
1780-1809: Panembahan Suma Yudanegara
1809-1825: Panembahan Natu Kusuma (pemangku)
1825-1828: Panembahan Ratu Kusuma Suryanegara
1828-1854: Panembahan Marta Suryakusuma (panembahan)
1854-1873: Panembahan Anom Pakunegara Suryakusuma
1873-1880: Panembahan Ratu Kusumanegara
1880-1905: Panembahan Pakunegara Suryakusuma
1905-1929: Panembahan Anom Pakunegara
1929-1944: Panembahan Anom Adinegara (Gusti Jaafar)
1945-1960: Panembahan Pakunegara (Gusti Ismail), the last Panembahan.

Source (only indon. language)

– Kerajaan Meliau:,_Sanggau
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