Kingdom of Kendan / Prov. Jawa Barat – Region of Bandung

The kingdom of Kendan: 6 – 7th century. Located in Bandung area, province of west Java.

Location of Bandung

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History of the kingdom

Kendan was a small religious kingdom. The name Kendan was taken from the name of a hill (500 meters from the station Nagreg, southeast Cicalengka now). At the foot of the hill, there is a village called Kendan. In that area the kingdom was located.
When it was founded, this kingdom was subordinate to the kingdom of Tarumanagara. Later, the Kingdom of Kendan became the forerunner of the birth of the Kingdom of Medang Jati.
In 670 AD the Kingdoms of  Induk Kendan / Kelang / Galuh, were under the power of the kingdom of Taruma Nagara; Taruma Nagara was ruled by Tarusbawa Taruma Nagara had turned into the Kingdom of Sunda and the kingdoms of Kendan / Kelang became the Galuh Kingdom, so there were 2 new kingdoms:
* Kingdom of Sunda (Ex Taruma Nagara) with king Tarusbawa,
* Galuh Kingdom (Ex Kendan / Kelang) with king Wretikandayun.

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List of kings Kendan

* 536-568: King Maha Guru Manik Maya
* 568-579: King Putra Suraliman
* 597-612: King Kandiawan
* 612-702: King Wretikandayun

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Remains of the kingdom of Kendan

Durga statue from the Kendan Kingdom is a statue of Durga (a statue for followers of the Hindu Shiva religion), this statue was first discovered in an area thought to be a place of worship at that time (200 meters from the north of Nagreg station). Now the existence of the statue is stored in the Jakarta National Museum.

Site of the kingdom of Kendan is located in Kampung Kendan, Desa Citaman, Kecamatan Nagreg.


The metal chunk is a relic of the Kingdom of Kendan used by the fourth generation of descendants named Wretikandayun.


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