Sultanate of Cirebon / West Jawa

The sultanate of Cirebon, 1522 – 1677. Located on West Java.

Location of Cirebon

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History of the sultanate of Cirebon

The Sultanate of Cirebon was an Islamic sultanate in West Java founded in the 15th century. It is said to have been founded by Sunan Gunungjati, marked by his letter proclaiming Cirebon’s independence from Pajajaran in 1482, although the settlement and the polity had been established earlier in 1445. Sunan Gunungjati also established the Sultanate of Banten. It was one of the earliest Islamic states established in Java, along with the Sultanate of Demak.

The sultanate’s capital lay around the modern day city of Cirebon on Java’s northern coast. Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, the sultanate thrived and became a major regional centre of trade and commerce, as well as a prominent centre of Islamic learning.

The sultanate split into three royal houses in 1677, and a fourth split off in 1807, each with their own separate lines of descent and kratons:
Keraton Kasepuhan,
Kraton Kanoman,
Keraton Kacirebonan, and
Keraton Keprabonan.

Today they remain, performing ceremonial duties.

Partition of the sultanate

Sources of the sultanate

Most of the history of Cirebon Sultanate was found in a local Javanese chronicle known as Babad. Some notable chronicles that focused on the history of Cirebon are Carita Purwaka Caruban Nagari and Babad Cerbon. Foreign sources also mentioned Cirebon, such as Tomé Pires’ Suma Oriental, written in 1512-1515. The later period of the sultanate documented from the colonial Dutch East Indies sources. Other than recording its own history, one of the royal houses of Cirebon, especially Keraton Keprabonan led by Wangsakerta princes, also actively recorded and researched the history of Java by collecting old manuscripts.

List of sultans

* 1445-1479 Pangeran Cakrabuana (Sultan Cirebon I)
* 1479-1568 Sunan Gunung Jati (Sultan Cirebon II)
* 1568-1570 Fatahillah (Sultan Cirebon III)
* 1570-1649 Panembahan Ratu I (Sultan Cirebon IV)
* 1649-1677 Panembahan Ratu II (Sultan Cirebon V)

Source (english)

Source (only indon. language)

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