Kingdom of Mekongga / Prov. Sulawesi Tenggara, Kab. Kolaka

The kingdom of Mekongga is located in region of Kolaka. South east Sulawesi.
The kingdom of Mekongga exists since the 13th century.

District of Kolaka

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About the king

9 april 2014: Dahlan Khaerun was officially appointed as King (Bokeo) of Mekongga the 19th,  in the Pendopo Makam Sangia Nibandera. He was crowned as the new king replacing Bokeo (King) Mekongga the 18th, Mburi Hj Nursainab Lowa, who died on May 4, 2014.

History of the kingdom

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In the past, the territory of the Mekongga Kingdom was called Wonua Sorume (Orchid Country), because this area is known as a place for the growth of various types of Orchids. The name Mekongga was only used after the kingdom was formed with the intention of perpetuating the killing of Kongga Owose (Giant Eagle) by Sangia Larumbalangi, the first king of the Mekongga Kingdom.

The ancient Kolaka region was the territory of the Mekongga Kingdom whose original inhabitants were Tolaki people (meaning brave people).
In the 14th century two people from the Sawerigading family headed for Southeast Sulawesi (Tanah Alau). The two brothers are Larumbalangi (male) and Wekoila (daughter). Wekoila is a nickname, consisting of ‘We’ representing a woman, and ‘Koila’ is a kind of snail in the clean white sea. This Wekoila is a beautiful princess, her skin is pure white like a koila. The real name of Wekoila is Tenrirawe (We Tenrirawe). Larumbalangi formed the Mekongga kingdom which resided in Wundulako, Ulu Balandete. Meanwhile Wekoila continued to the Kendari area and formed the Konawe Kingdom.

The center of government or the capital of the Mekongga Kingdom was originally located in Kolumba (Ulu Balandete) which is about six kilometers from the present city of Kolaka. But in its development the center of government of the Mekongga Kingdom then moved to Puunaha (now Wundulako area).

The arrival of the Dutch to this area in 1906, the government structure was changed to consist of Bokeo and Kapita. The Kolaka area was divided into seven districts, each district headed by an Anakia with the title Mokole.

List of kings

* 1200-1260: Sangia Larumbalangi 
1260-1320: Sangia Lakonggu

In some literature, history Mekongga kingdom was led by 17 kings before the Dutch colonized this land. As the foundation stone of the formation of the kingdom, were two brothers, namely Sangia Larumbalangi (1200-1260) and Wekoila, which then traveled alone to Konawe.

* 1320-1380: Sangia Melanga
* 1380-1430: Sangia Lagaliso
* 1430-1490: Sangia Lamba-Lambasa/Rumbalasa
* 1490-1550: Sangia Lombo-lombo/Sabulombo
* 1550-1630: Sangia Teporambe/Nilulo
* 1630-1680: Sangia Ladumaa/Nibandera

* 1680-1690: Bokeo Lasikiri
* 1690-1780: Bokeo Lasipole
* 1780-1781: Bokeo Robe
* 1781-1840: Bokeo Mburi
* 1840-1905: Bokeo Bula
* 1905-1932: Bokeo Latambaga
* 1932-1945: Bokeo Indumo
* 1945-1949: Bokeo Guru
* 1949: Bokeo Puuwatu/Hadi.

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* 9 april 2014: Bokeo XVIII, Nur Saenab Lowa, died,
* 9 april 2015: installation king (Mokole) Mekongga the-19: Drs H. Khaerun Dahlan, MM.

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