Kingdom of Mekongga / Prov. Sulawesi Tenggara, Kab. Kolaka

The kingdom of Mekongga is located in region of Kolaka. South east Sulawesi.
The kingdom of Mekongga exists since the 13th century.

Kabupaten Kolaka

prov. Sulawesi Tenggara

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About the king

9 april 2014: Dahlan Khaerun was officially appointed as King (Bokeo) of Mekongga the 19th,  in the Pendopo Makam Sangia Nibandera. He was crowned as the new king replacing Bokeo (King) Mekongga the 18th, Mburi Hj Nursainab Lowa, who died on May 4, 2014.


Mekongga kingdom is one of the great kingdoms, that ever existed in Southeast Sulawesi, precisely in the area Great Kolaka. Mekongga kingdom consisted of the mekongga people, and the community, which originated from from Luwu, central Sulawesi. This kingdom was one of the agrarian kingdoms in Indonesia. The name Mekongga comes from the name of kongga bird (eagle) giant, who loves to eat animals like as cattle, buffalo, and even humans.

List of kings

* 1200-1260: Sangia Larumbalangi 
1260-1320: Sangia Lakonggu

In some literature, history Mekongga kingdom was led by 17 kings before the Dutch colonized this land. As the foundation stone of the formation of the kingdom, were two brothers, namely Sangia Larumbalangi (1200-1260) and Wekoila, which then traveled alone to Konawe.

* 1320-1380: Sangia Melanga
* 1380-1430: Sangia Lagaliso
* 1430-1490: Sangia Lamba-Lambasa/Rumbalasa
* 1490-1550: Sangia Lombo-lombo/Sabulombo
* 1550-1630: Sangia Teporambe/Nilulo
* 1630-1680: Sangia Ladumaa/Nibandera

* 1680-1690: Bokeo Lasikiri
* 1690-1780: Bokeo Lasipole
* 1780-1781: Bokeo Robe
* 1781-1840: Bokeo Mburi
* 1840-1905: Bokeo Bula
* 1905-1932: Bokeo Latambaga
* 1932-1945: Bokeo Indumo
* 1945-1949: Bokeo Guru
* 1949: Bokeo Puuwatu/Hadi.

– Sumber:

* 9 april 2014: Bokeo XVIII, Nur Saenab Lowa, died,
* 9 april 2015: installation king (Mokole) Mekongga the-19: Drs H. Khaerun Dahlan, MM.


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