Kingdom of Trumon / Sumatera – Prov. Aceh, Kab. Aceh Selatan

The kingdom of Trumon was located on Sumatera, provinsi Aceh, Kab. Aceh Selatan.
The kingdom was founded in1780 by Teungku Jakfar.
During the sultanate of Aceh this kingdom was a vassal or subordinate to the sultan of Aceh and was led by the king who had the title of Uleebalang.
After the end of the Aceh War, in 1914, the small kingdoms entered an Onderafdeling as “swapraja”.

Location prov. of Aceh

District Aceh Selatan

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About the king today (2017)

King today (2017): Raja Trumon: Teuku Raja Ubiet. (2017)

History of the kingdom

Ja Thahir has several children, including Ja Abdullah (Dullah) also living in Batee Pidie.
Ja Abdullah had children among others Ja Johan.
Ja Johan was settled in Tanoh Abee Seulimum, and had children among others Jengfar Feng a student at Anjong in Pelenggahan. After finished his studying of the religion of Islam, Tengku Jakfar was ordered by his teacher to leave for West Aceh.

At first Tengku Jengfar settled in Unjong Seurangga Susoh. Here he teached Islam and earned the title of Labai, also known as the jeppa labai. He continued his journey to the area of Singkil, and settled there. Tengku Jengfar opened a country called Paya Bombong. Then Tengku Jakfar opened a pepper plantation (pepper) on a northern plain of singkil which was then called Trumon.
This newly opened country began to be organized since 1780 and he became the first businessman as king in the country with the name “Kingdom Trumon”. Jakfar was also titled Teuku Raja Singkil but usually called more popular Teuku Singkil. He died at Trumon in 1812.

In 1940 the last Gubernur General of the Dutch East Indies from Batavia came to Trumon to meet Teuku Raja Husin. The purpose of the Governor-General’s arrival was to grant full independence to Trumon State as a sovereign kingdom, irrespective of the influence of the Dutch East Indies government, but Teuku Raja Husen did not accept it, because Teuku Raja Husin had already held a meeting with Teuku Nyak Areh in Kuta Raja. Teuku Raja Husen was willing to accept independence, when all Aceh was liberated. The Governor Generalpromised “for all Aceh given after the war in Europe is over”.

List of kings
* ……..-1812: Tengku Jakfar was also titled Teuku Raja Singkil.
* 1812-1835: Teuku Raja Bujang
* 1835-1843: Teuku Raja Mak Areh
* ……..-1893: Teuku Raja Iskandar
* 1893-1903:  Teuku Raja Djakfar alias Teuku Haji Rayek succeeded Iskandar. Haji Rayek became a puppet king until he died in 1903.
* 1903-1907: Teuku Muda Nanggroe as Mangku Bumi. During his reign Trumon was bankrut. Muda Nanggroe died in 1907. Teuku Raja Nasruddin succeeded him until 1912.
* ……..-1927: Teuku Raja Lek, raja Trumon until 1927.
* Teuku Raja Husin, child no.4 dari Teuku Haji Djakfar alias Teuku Haji Rayeek.

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Ancient Fortress of Trumon

Kuta Batee Fort was built during the reign of Teuku Raja Jakfar August 11, 1770 and finished on August 8, 1802, after which the government of Trumon Kingdom went to his son Teuku Raja Jakfar Teuku Raja Bujang.

The castle had an area of about 60 × 60 meters, with a height of about 4 meters, the thick wall reaches one meter with three layers, at that time; in the castle was printing the own money of the Kingdom of Trumon.
The Sikureng Cap and its own legitimate and world-renowned currency, made the Trumon kingdom known to Asian and European peoples.
The bastion of Kuta Batee, in addition to functioning as a defense against invaders, was also used as a center of government controlled by the king. Inside the fortress there is also a palace and a warehouse where the royal goods belonging to the kingdom.

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About the small kingdoms under the sultanate of Aceh

* List of Uleebalang, 1914: link
* List of Uleebalang, 1940: link

The western part of the kingdom of Aceh Darussalam was opened and built in the 16th century on the initiative of Sultan Saidil Mukamil (Sultan of Aceh who lived between 1588-1604), followed by Sultan Iskandar Muda (Sultan of Aceh who lived in 1607-1636) the Acehnese Rayeuk and Pidie.
The first bustling area was at Meulaboh bay (Pasi Karam) ruled by a king who was titled Teuku Keujruen Meulaboh, and Negeri Daya (District Jaya) which at the end of the 15th century had established a kingdom with its king is Sultan Salatin Alaidin Riayat Shah with the title Poteu Meureuhom Daya.
The area of West Aceh at the end of the 17th century had developed into several small kingdoms led by a Uleebalang, namely: Kluang; Lamno; Kuala Lambeusoe; Kuala Daya; Kuala Unga; Babah Awe, and many more.

The structure of government of the small kingdoms

1) Gampong, the leader was called Geucik or Keuchik. The smallest territorial area of the government structure in Aceh was the Gampong. A Gampong consisted of groups of houses adjacent to each other.
The leader of the gampong was called Geucik or Keuchik, who was assisted by a proficient in religious matters, as Teungku Meunasah.
2) Mukim, the leader was called Imum Mukim. The larger territorial area of government was the Mukim. The Mukim was a combination of several gampongs, which were located nearby.
The leader of Mukim was called Imum Mukim. He was the one who coordinated the village (gampong) heads or Keuchik-Keuchik.
3) Sago or Sagoe, the leader was called Commander Sagoe or Panglima Sagi. In the Aceh region of Rayeuk (District Aceh Besar now), was a form of government called Sagoe or Sagi. The entire region of Aceh Rayeuk was incorporated into three Sagi, which can be regarded as three federations. The three Sagoe or Sagi were named:
1. Sagi XXII Mukim, consisted of 22 mukim.
2. Siva XXV Mukim, consisted of 25 mukim
3. Sagi XXVI Mukim, consisted of 26 Mukim
The leader was called Panglima Sagoe or Panglima Sagi, from generation to generation, they also hold the title of Uleebalang.
They were appointed as Panglima Sagi by the Sultan of Aceh, who gave them a stamp of the Kingdom of Aceh known as Cap Sikureung.
4) Nangroe, the leader was called Uleebalang. Another form of royal territory found in Aceh was called Nangroe or Negeri. This Nangroe was actually a conquered area of the Kingdom of Aceh and was located outside Aceh Inti or Aceh Rayeuk.
The leadership of Nangroe was called Uleebalang, which was established by tradition for generations.
Uleebalang was the Head of State of the small kingdoms who were very powerful. However, when they assume the position of Uleebalang in their area, they had to be approved by the Sultan of Aceh. The Appointment Letter was called Sarakata and stamped with the stamp of the Kingdom of Aceh, Cap Sikureung.
5) The Sultan. The highest level in the government structure of the Kingdom of Aceh was the central government based in the royal capital, formerly known as Bandar Aceh Dar as Salam. The head of the central government was the Sultan who had the title of Tuanku.

Map of the small kingdoms in Aceh 1917

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