Keraton of Kaprabonan / Prov. West Jawa – Kab. Cirebon

The Keraton of Kaprabonan was founded in 1696. Located in the city of Cirebon, Jawa. The Keraton of Kaprabonan is one of the 4 keratons in Cirebon. 

Location of Cirebon

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There are 4 Keratons in Cirebon.

* Keraton Kanoman:
* Keraton Kasepuhan,
* Keraton Kacirebonan,
* Keraton Kaprabonan, present Pangeran: Pangeran Kaprabonan Cirebon X Pangeran Hempi Raja Kaprabonan.

Location of Cirebon

About the king

12 July 2021
Sultan of the Keraton Kaprabonan in Cirebon, Prince Hempi Raja Kaprabon, died on Monday night. Hempi’s body was buried at Mount Sembunh, Gunung Jati District, Cirebon Regency, West Java, today.
Chairman of the Cirebon Sultanate Sentana (SKC) Kaprabonan Raden Heru Rusyamsyu Arianatareja confirmed the news. Heru said Hempi’s death was due to a stroke.

Installation of Present Pangeran of Kaprabonan (2020): Pangeran Hempi, Pangeran Kaprabonan Cirebon X.

Pangeran Kaprabonan Cirebon X, Pangeran Hempi

History of the partition of the sultanate of Cirebon

The Sultanate of Cirebon was established in 1552 by the commander of the sultanate of Demak, then the Sultan of Cirebon died in 1570 and was succeeded by his son who was very young at that time.
Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, the sultanate thrived and became a major regional centre of trade and commerce, as well as a prominent centre of Islamic learning. The sultanate split into three royal houses in 1677, and a fourth split off in 1807, each with their own separate lines of descent and kratons; Keraton Kasepuhan, Kraton Kanoman, Keraton Kacirebonan, and Keraton Keprabonan

1677: first split of the Sultanate of Cirebon, occurred during the crowning of three sons Panembahan Girilaya, Sultan Sepuh, Sultan Anom, and Panembahan Cirebon in 1677. This is a new chapter for the palace of Cirebon, in which the empire was split into three and each ruling and lowers the next emperor. Thus, the next rulers of Cirebon Sultanate were:

  • Sultan Kasepuhan, Prince Martawijaya, with the title Sultan Muhammad Samsudin Makarimi Sepuh Abil (1677-1703)
  • Sultan Kanoman, Prince Kartawijaya, with the title Sultan Muhammad Badrudin Makarimi Anom Abil (1677-1723)
  • Prince of Kaprabonan, Panembahan Prince Wangsakerta, as Panembahan Cirebon with the title of Prince Abdul Kamil Muhammad Nasarudin or Panembahan Tohpati (1677-1713). Prince Wangsakerta not appointed but only Panembahan. He did not have his own palace, but stands as Kaprabonan (paguron), which is a place for learning for palace the intellectuals.

1807: Second split of the sultanate of Cirebon. The succession of the Cirebon sultans generally went well, until the reign of Sultan Anom IV (1798-1803), when there was a split because one of his sons, Prince Raja Kanoman, wanted to separate and build his own sultanate under the name of the Sultanate of Kacirebonan. This happened in 1807.

Partition of the sultanate of Cirebon

List of kings

* 1734-1766: Pangeran Kusumawaningyun Kaprabon
* 1766-1798: Pangeran Brataningrat Kaprabon
* 1798-1838: Pangeran Raja Sulaiman Sulendraningrat Kaprabon
* 1838-1878: Pangeran Arifudin Kusumabratawirdja Kaprabon
* 1878-1918: Pangeran Adikusuma Adiningrat Kaprabon
* 1918-1946: Pangeran Angkawijaya Kaprabon
* 1946-1974: Pangeran Aruman Raja Kaprabon
* 1974-2001: Pangeran Herman Raja Kaprabon
*2001-…..     : Pangeran Hempi Raja Kaprabon

Palace: Keraton Kaprabonan

Kaprabonan is a peguron (place of learning) founded by the crown prince of the Kanoman Sultanate Pangeran Raja Adipati (PRA). He preferred to deepen his knowledge of Islam in 1696.

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