Kuto Kedawung Paleran, site of the kingdom of Majapahit, Blambangan / Prov. Jawa Timur – Kab. Jember

Kuto Kedawung is located in Desa Paleran, Kec. Umbulsari, Kabupaten Jember, Prov. Jawa Timur.
Kuto Kedawung is an old site of the kingdom of Blambangan. Existed in the 17th century.

Location of desa Paleran

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History of the site Kuto Kedawung, 17th century

In 1546, after successfully mastering Pasuruan, the Kingdom of Demak again tried to control the Blambangan Kingdom, which capital was in Panarukan. The attack by Demak succeeded in controlling Panarukan, the capital of Blambangan, but Sultan Trenggono was killed. In 1601, after Panarukan was controlled by Demak, Blambangan’s government preferred to retreat and moved its central government to the south, precisely in Kuto Dawung (Kedawung), Paleran Village, Umbulsari District, Kab. Jember. In this new center of government, Blambangan was under the new dynasty of Tawang Alun.

The site in Kuto Kedawung Paleran is no longer visible because it is covered by rice fields owned by the population. The brick structure has been damaged by the hands of ignorant and gradually began to disappear.
Not impossible if the former building is a fortress that encircles the “new city” made in order to defend itself from enemy attacks. The thickness of the bricks as well as some artifacts related to the military interests and the existence of several wells as a means of logistics show indications that can not be denied.

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