Kingdom of Cantung / Prov. Kalimantan Selatan

Kingdom of Cantung: 1780 – 1910. Located on south Kalimantan, district of Tanah Bumbu.
The kingdom of Cantung was a part of the kingdom of Tanah Bumbu; closely connected with the kingdom of Batu Licin.

District of Tanah Bumbu

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About the king (2018)

Chief dynasty kingdom of Cantung: Pangeran (Prince) Yanuar Imam

17 nov. 2015
Prince H. Hendri Nindyanto, Pangeran Koesoema Negara Raja Kerajaan Cantung, died.

Pangeran (Prince) Yanuar Imam

History of the kingdom of Cantung, 1780 – 1910

The Kingdom of Cantung and Batu Licin was part of the kingdom of Tanah Bumbu.
The first ruler of this kingdom was Ratu Intan I, daughter of Ratu Mas.
Ratu Mas was the last ruler of the kingdom of Tanah Bumbu, which later split into several small kingdoms region. In 1870 the kingdom of Tanah Bumbu was divided to the children of Ratu Mas; Pangeran Prabu and Ratu Intan I. Pangeraan Prabu gained the northern region (Kingdom Bangkalaan), while the southern region was given to Ratu Intan I.
In 1861? the region of Batu Licin and Cantung became semi-independent headed by a bumiputera part of “Afdeeling Sand en de Land Boemboe” in the Dutch East Indies colonial administration under the authority of the Assistant Resident GH Dahmen based in Samarinda. Autonomous regional government was delegated to a chief, Pangeran Syarif Hamid.

List of kings of the kingdom Cantung

* 1) 1780 – 1800: Ratu Intan I anak Ratu Mas, menjadi Ratu Tjangtoeng I and Batoe Litjin I and married with Sultan Anom from Paser (known as Sultan Dipati Anom Alamsyah Aji Dipati.

* 2) 1820 – 1830, or 18xx – 1825: Raja Gusti Besar binti Pangeran Prabu as king of Bangkalaan, Sampanahan, Manunggul, Cengal, Cantung, Batulicin. Gusti Besar was domiciled in Cengal. Cantung and Batulicin were inherited from their aunt, namely Ratu Intan I. Gusti Besar married Aji Raden Bin Aji Negara (Sultan Sepuh 1 Alamsyah). Sultan Sulaiman of Paser annexed Cengal, Manunggul, Bangkalaan, and Cantung, but were later reclaimed by Aji Jawi.
* 3) Gusti Muso
* 4) 1840 – 1841: Raja Aji Jawi (son of Gusti Besar 1825-1840) as king of Bangkalaan, Sampanahan, Manunggul, Cengal, Cantung and Batulicin.
* 5) 1845 – 1864: Raja Aji Mandura. Ruled from 10 April 1845. Aji Mandura annexed Buntar Laut, after the death of Gusti Dandai, who did not have an heir. Aji Madura was married to Ratu Jumantan (son of Pangeran Prabu Nata, Raja Sampanahan) and had an offspring: Aji prince Kusumanegara (1864-1929)
* 6) 1864 – 1929: Pangeran Kusumanegara / Aji Darma
* 7) Pangeran Abdul Majid Kasuma.

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Aji Pangeran Kusumanegara, king of Cantung and Buntar Laut 1863- 1890

Small kingdoms under the Sultanate of Banjar.

Under the Sultanate of Banjar there were several small kingdoms in the region of Tanah Bumbu and Pulau Laut. They were semi-independent. Because government services were not covered by the Sultanate, these kingdoms kingdoms were given authority to rule within their region.
Small kingdoms under the rule of the Sultanate Bandar in Tanah Bumbu and Pulau Laut are:

1. The kingdom of Pagatan,
2. The Kingdom of Kusan,
3. The Kingdoms of Cengal Manunggal and Bangkalaan,
4. The Kingdoms of Cantung and Sampanahan,
5. The Kingdom of Sebamban,
6. The kingdom of Batulicin,
7. The Kingdom of Pasir,
8. The Kingdom of Kotabaru.

Source (only indon. language)

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