The kingdom of Kahuripan / Prov. East Jawa

The kingdom of Kahuripan: 1009 – 1049. Located on east Java.

Provinsi East Jawa

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History of the kingdom of Kahuripan

Kahuripan (also spelt Kuripan) was an 11th-century Javanese Hindu-Buddhist kingdom with its capital located around the estuarine of Brantas River valley in East Java. The kingdom was short lived only spanned the period between 1019 to 1045 and Airlangga was the only raja of the kingdom, which was built out of the rubble of the Kingdom of Medang after the Srivijaya invasion. Airlangga later in 1045 abdicated in favor of his two sons. Sri Samarawijaya got Kadiri (Panjalu) and Mapanji Garasakan got Janggala.
The kingdom’s name derived from Old Javanese term hurip (“to life”) with circumfix ka- -an which means “life” or “livelihood”. Later in 14th to 15th century, the former kingdom was recognized as one of Majapahit’s 12 provinces.

Location of Kahuripan

List of kings

Airlangga ruled from 1019  – 1045.
Then he divided the Kingdom into 2 parts: Janggala and Kadiri.

Old maps of Jawa

For old maps of Jawa (1598,  1612, 1614, 1650, 1660, 1800-an, abad ke-18, 1840) klik here

Jawa, 1650

Source (english)

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Sejarah kerajaan Kahuripan:
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