Principality of Sakra / Isl. of Lombok – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Barat

The Principality (Kedatuan) of Sakra was located on the island of Lombok. 1780 – 1828.

Island of Lombok

Location island of Lombok

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History of Sakra

Sakra Kingdom existed only 50 years, starting from 1780 until 1828. After his defeat, the Sakra establish and maintain good relations with the kingdom of Karangasem.
The Puputan Sabil war was between the kingdom Pejanggik and Karangasem. Pemban Mas Meraja Kusuma got a moral punishment, he was not allowed to join puputan by his father, Pemban Mas Komala Kusuma. But he prepared his next generation, Purwada Purwada as crown prince in the XI generation. He was crowned king in exile accompanied by his sister, Deneq Laki Mas Orpa, and brother of concubine, Rade Nune Ratmaja Tember.
After Purwadadi’s kingdom as the last stronghold of Pejanggik was destroyed by Karangasem and Banjar Getas, the soldiers fled to the surrounding forests, partly went to Sumbawa. Feeling well established, Karangasem was suspicious of the development of the Getas Banjar.
Messengers were sent to invite Purwadadi to return to Lombok on condition that he established good relationship with Karangasem and if one day he was willing to join Banjar Getas. In the beginning Purwadadi rejected the plan. However, knowing from the start of the rivalry between Banjar Getas and Karangasem, he secretly sent his accomplices, including his stepmother, with the young Raden Nuna Ratmaja Tember as a symbol and a temporary representative.
They took place at the Tanaq Conspirator Crater, across the river north of Purwadadi. This place is regarded as the forerunner to the establishment of a new kingdom which was around 1870 AD was named Sakra.
Sakra Kingdom existed only 50 years.

History of the kingdoms on Lombok

According to the contents of Babad Lombok, the oldest kingdom that once ruled on Lombok, was named Laeq Kingdom (in sasak laeq means past time), but another source namely Babad Suwung, declared that the oldest kingdom in Lombok was the Kingdom of Suwung, built and led by King Betara Indera. The kingdom of Suwung then was replaced by the kingdom of Lombok. In the 9th century until the 11th century existed the Sasak Kingdom which was later defeated by one of the kingdoms, who came from Bali at that time.

In Lombok, in its development, there are traces of the four main kingdom, namely the Kingdom of Bayan in the west, Selaparang Kingdom in the East, Langko Kingdom in the middle, and Pejanggik Kingdom in the south. In addition to these four kingdoms, there were small kingdoms, such as Parwa and Sokong and several small villages, such as Pujut, Tempit, Kedaro, Batu Dendeng, Kuripan, Samarkaton and Kentawang. All these kingdoms and villages became independent territory after the Majapahit kingdom collapsed. Among the most prominent and most famous kingdoms and villages was the Lombok Kingdom based in Labuhan Lombok.

Entrance of Islam on Lombok

Prior to the entry of Islam, the people who inhabit Lombok consecutively believed animism, dynamism and then Hinduism. Islam first entered through the “wali” of the island of Java, namely sunan Prapen in about the 16th century, after the collapse of the Majapahit kingdom.
In conveying the teachings of Islam, the wali’s did not necessarily eliminate the old habits of people, who still embraced the old faith. There was even acculturation between Islam and the culture of the local community, because the spreaders were using local customs to facilitate the delivery of Islam. The religious teachings of that day were rewritten in Old Javanese. Even the shahadah for the Wetu Telu followers was accompanied by a sentence in Old Javanese. In those days, those who were required to perform the worship. were the kiai.When the kingdom of Lombok was led by king Rangkesari, Prince Prapen, son of Sunan Ratu Giri, came to Islamize the kingdom of Lombok. In Babad Lombok is mentioned, this Islamic is an effort of Raden Paku or Sunan Ratu Giri from Gersik, Surabaya who ordered the kings of East Java and Palembang to spread Islam to various regions in the archipelago. The process of Islam by Sunan Prapen got a lively result, until several years later the whole island of Lombok embraced Islam, except for some places that still retain the old customs.

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