Sultanate of Berau / Prov. Kalimantan Utara

The Sultanate of Berau: 1377 –  1810. Was a kingdom on Kalimantan, district of Berau, province of North Kalimantan.
About 1810 the kingdom of Berau, was split into the kingdom of Gunung Tabur and the kingdom of Sambaliung. In 1750 the sultanate of Bulungan was established.

District of Berau

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History of the sultanate of Berau, 1377-1810

The kingdom of Berau was a kingdom, that existed from the 15th century. At the beginning of the 19th century it was split into 2, the Sultanate Sambaliung and Gunung Tabur.
The kingdom of Berau emerged from five “regions” (also called “Banuwa”) and two “kampung”, ie administrative regions in effect at that time.
During the reign of Sultan Muhammad Hasanuddin (1731-1767) and Sultan Zainal Abidin (1779-1800), Islam became the religion of the majority of Berau. The title “Sultan” which carried the king (as a substitute for “Aji”) is a marker that Islam is the official religion of the empire.
The seed of the split up within the royal family, started after the reign of Aji Dilayas, king Berau the 9th. The King had many descendants. Two of them were as powerful as a replacement candidate king, Pangeran Tua and Pangeran Dipati. In deciding who should replace their father, there was a big debate among the royal family. Fearing the conflict will get bigger, there was a joint decision, that the Kingdom of Berau will be led alternately by the two and by the descendants of both. As the eldest son, Pangeran Tua had the opportunity to rule from 1673 to 1700. While his brother, Pangeran Dipati ruled from 1700 until 1731.
About 1810: While descents of Aji Pangeran Tua, the heir to the throne of King of the title of Sultan Alimuddin, got the region south of the Berau, as well as the region of the left and right Kelay River. Sultan Gazi Mahyudi later founded the kingdom of Gunung Tabur. While Raja Alam founded the Sultanate of Sambaliung. In 1750 the sultanate of Bulungan was established.

Kingdoms on East Kalimantan

List of Kings

List 1

Source: Melayuonline

* 1400-1432:  Aji Raden Soerja Nata Kasoema dan Aji Poetari Paramaisoeri
* 1432-1461:  Aji Nikullam
* 1461-1492:  Aji Nikutak
* 1492-1530:  Aji Nigindang
* 1530-1557:  Aji Pangjang Ruma
* 1557-1589:  Aji Temanggung Barani
* 1589-1623:  Aji Surya Raja
* 1623-1644:  Aji Surga Balindung
* 1644-1673:  Aji Dilayas
* 1673-1700:  Aji Pangeran Tua
* 1700-1731:  Aji Pangeran Dipati
* 1731-1767:  Sultan Muhammad Hasanuddin
* 1767-1779:  Sultan Amiril Mukminin
* 1779-1800: Sultan Muhammad Zaenal Abidin

2) List 2

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– Sejarah kerajaan Berau:
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