Kingdom of Silat / Prov. Kalimantan Barat

The kingdom of Silat was located in west Kalimantan. Location not clear.
This kingdom exists since the 13th century until 1928.

Prov. of West Kalimantan

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About the king

There is no information about de royal family today.

Raden-Gusti Baginda bin Pangeran Ratu Muda Paku Negara. Last official crownprince of Silat

History of the kingdom of Silat, 13th century – 1928

In the 14th century the kingdom of Silat was born. The first king was prince Agung Rengan. Then the second was Penembah TiTik Kusuma Negara.

In the past, the name Jempolin Panjang was taken from the name of a long sword in the form of a thumb. After that it changed to the royal name Silat Jempulin Panjang, which means silat taken from the name paku / pakis silat. After many wars between tribes and other groups, Silat continued to survive and named the area Nanga Silat Jempulin Panjang.

In 1877 the Silat area expanded and became a royal district.

Prince Ahmad died in 12-8-1877. It was only in 11-6-1888 that Prince Masjuman became king. He descended from the throne in 25-8-1913 and died in 1915.

In 1913 Piasak, Silat, Jongkong, Selimbau asked the Dutch to participate in direct rule. In that year there was a lot of chaos, politics, security, welfare and other causes.

1915 the representative dynasties of the kings of the Silat dynasty, Abang Mangku, Abg Abdul, Nyi Niruam and also Abg Hedgehog held a meeting at Silat.

In 1928 it became a Kapuas Hulu district.

List kings

c.1222: Silat founded
1916: Silat deleted by the dutch government
Title of rulers: Panembahan ….-18.., Pangeran Ratu 1855-1916.

1300-1360: Pangeran Agung Renggan.

1360-1450: Abang Cundin/ pangeran Cundin.

1450-1550: penembah Bagub.

1550-1650: Penembah Titik kusuma negara.

1650-1730: Penembahan Agung.

1730-1818: Pangeran Ahmad.

1818-1848: Pangeran Anom.

1830-1855: Abg Masjuman.

1871-1872: Pangeran Ahmad.

1872-1888: Pangeran Ratu Prabu.

1888-1913: Abg Masjuman atau pangeran Ratu muda paku negara.

1915-1925: Abang mangku , Abang Abdul, Nyi Niruam, dan juga Abang Landak. (raja nama baik).

1925-1951: Abdul Fattah, Karim, Abdullah, Bulhasan (kepala dynasty keluarga di nanga silat)

1951-1970: Muhamad Fattah. Raja /penghulu.

1970-1989: Mat Nur Fattah (raja/ pemuka.).

1989-2005: Nur Hayati. Ratu/pemuka.

2005-….Raja Abdul Marwan


Kingdoms on West Kalimantan, 1800

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