Kingdom of Passokkorang / Prov. Sulawesi Barat – wilayah Mandar

The kingdom of Passokkorang was located on Sulawesi, provinsi Sulawesi Barat.  It was a kingdom of the Mandar people. This kingdom existed in the 14th century.

Prov. of West Sulawesi

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History of the kingdom

Google translation

The people who lived in the Mandar area were community groups which were led by a Tomakaka.
Tomakaka was the leader of the groups in the Mandar area. Some historical records mention that there were 41 Tomakaka.
Before the Federations of Pitu Ba’bana Binanga and Pitu Ulunna Salu had been formed, there was a very powerful Kingdom named the Passokkorang Kingdom located in the Maloso river valley in Mapilli;  some of its allies were Tomakaka in Lerang, Tomakaka in Lenggo, Tomakaka in Batu, and Tomakaka Tande. They often did arbitrary actions to some residents in the areas of Napo, Mosso, Samasundu, Todangtodang, and Limboro. This kingdom was very strong and there was no Tomakaka or other Tomakaka alliance that could match the power of Pasokkorang Kingdom.

The hegemony of the Kingdom of Passokkorang and its allies over the other Tomakaka seemed incomparable by the strength raised by Appe Banua Kaiyyang as they not only were engaged in territorial seizures but also commited murder and appropriation of people’s property, so that they seeked leaders who could help to save the people and be able to defend the land.

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Old maps of Sulawesi

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  Sulawesi and Maluku, 1683

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