Sultanate of Demak / Prov. Jawa Tengah

The Sultanate of Demak: 1475–1548. Located on the north coast of Jawa. Formerly Demak was a principality of Majapahit. Demak’s power shifted to Pajang Kingdom in 1560.

Location of Demak

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History of the sultanate of Demak, 1475–1548

The Demak Sultanate was a Javanese Muslim state located on Java’s north coast in Indonesia, at the site of the present day city of Demak. A port fief to the Majapahit kingdom thought to have been founded in the last quarter of the 15th century, it was influenced by Islam brought by Muslim traders from China, Gujarat, Arabia and also from Islamic kingdoms in the region, such as Samudra Pasai and Champa. The sultanate was the first Muslim state in Java, and once dominated most of the northern coast of Java and southern Sumatra.
Despite its short period, the sultanate played an important role in the establishment of Islam in Indonesia, especially on Java and neighboring area.

Demak’s origins are uncertain although it was apparently founded in the last quarter of the 15th century by a Muslim, known as Raden Patah (from Arabic name: “Fatah”, also called “Pate Rodin” in Portuguese records, or “Jin Bun” in Chinese record). There is evidence that he had Chinese ancestry and perhaps was named Cek Ko-po.

Raden Patah’s son, or possibly his brother, led Demak’s brief domination in Java. He was known as Trenggana, and later Javanese traditions say he gave himself the title Sultan. It appears that Trenggana had two reigns—c 1505–1518 and c 1521–1546—between which his brother in law, Yunus of Jepara occupied the throne.

Raden Patah

List of kings

* Raden Patah, 1475-1518, (1475-1478 vazal Majapahit),
* Pati Oenoes, 1518-1521,
* SultanTrenggana, 1521-1546,
* Soenan Prawoto, (Raden Mukmin) 1546 -1548,
* Arya Penangsang, 1549-1554.

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Tomb of Raden Patah

Grave of Raden Patah, Raden Pati Unus and the queen

Great Mosque of Demak

Masjid Agung Demak (or Demak Great Mosque) is one of the oldest mosques in Indonesia, located in the center town of Demak, Central Java Indonesia. The mosque is believed to be built by the Nine Muslim Saints (Wali Songo) with the most prominent figure Sunan Kalijaga, during the first Demak Sultanate ruler, Raden Patah during the 15th century.
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