Kingdom of Pekantua / Sumatera – Prov. Riau, Kab. Pelalawan

The kingdom of Pekantua was the first kingdom in the history of the sultanate of Pelalawan. Located on Sumatera, District Pelalawan, Prov. Riau. Existed 1380-1505.

District Pelalawan

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Line of history Sultanate of Pelalawan

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* Kerajaan Pekantua, 1380-1505
* Kerajaan Pekantua Kampar, 1505-1675
* Kerajaan Tanjung Negeri, 1675-1725
* Kesultanan Pelalawan: 1725-1946

History 1

Initially, the Pelalawan Kingdom was named Pekantua Kingdom, because it was built in an area called Pematang Tuo. After successfully building the kingdom, the first king of Pekantua, Maharaja Indera (1380-1420), built the Hyang Temple in Bukit Tuo (now Pematang Buluh or Pematang Lubuk Emas) as a form of gratitude.
The abundance of merchandise produced, especially forest products, made the Pekantua Kingdom even more popular, and gradually began to become the most important city competitor in the Malacca Strait at that time, namely Malacca. Therefore, the King of Malacca, Sultan Mansyur Syah (1459-1477), eager to control the Pekantua Kingdom, as part of a plan to strengthen power on the east coast of Sumatra. Under the command of the Commander of Sri Nara Diraja, Malaka managed to defeat Pekantua.
After death, he was successively replaced by Maharaja Pura (1420-1445), Maharaja Laka (1445-1460), Maharaja Sysya (1460-1480), and Maharaja Jaya (1480-1505). Maharaja Jaya was the last king of Pekantua pre Islamic era. After this era, Pekantua was renamed Pekantua Kampar.

History 2

The origin of Pelalawan originated from a kingdom named “Pekantua Kingdom”. The kingdom of Pekantua was closely related to the history of the Kingdom of Temasik (Singapore) and Malacca. The kingdom of Pekantua lies on the banks of the Pekantua River, a tributary of Kampar which now is the territory of Kuala Tolam Village, Pelalawan District. The kingdom was founded by Maharaja Indera in 1380 AD The former government center of Pekantua Kingdom was approximately 45 km from the city of Pangkalan Kerinci.
The area can be reached by road by way of crossing the East Cross and the road Lintas Bono and can also be reached by way of water by way along the Kampar River Flow. The founder of the Pekantua Kingdom, Maharaja Indera, was a former Oranf Besar (important person) of the Temasik Kingdom, who was subjected to the Majapahit Empire at the end of the 14th century. The last King of Temasik called Permaisura (Prameswara) withdraw to Tanah Semenanjung and established the kingdom of Malacca. The Kingdom of Malacca eventually grew rapidly into the Malay Empire until it finally lost to the Portuguese in 1511 AD.

 Kingdoms in Riau, 19th century

List of kings of Pekantua

  • Maharaja Indera (1380-1420)
  • Maharaja Pura (1420-1445)
  • Maharaja Laka (1445-1460)
  • Maharaja Sysya (1460-1480)
  • Maharaja Jaya (1480-1505).

Source (only indon. language)

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Sejarah kerajaan Pekantua (Kampar):
Sejarah kerajaan Pekantua (Kampar):
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