Kingdom of Mandah / Sumatera, Prov. Riau

The kingdom of Mandah is located on Sumatera, District Indragiri Hilir. It was part of the sultanate of Riau Lingga.

District Indragiri Hilir

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About the kingdom of Mandah

When the Kingdom of Batin Enam Suku was founded in 1260, the northern part of Indragiri Hilir was controlled by the small kings of the former Bintan kingdom, which due to a split part spread to the area. Among them, there were six inner (tribal chiefs) known as Batin Enam Suku, namely the Tribe of  Raja Asal in the Gaung area, the Tribe of King Rubiah in the Gaung area, the Tribe Nek Gewang in the Anak Serka area, the Tribe Mafaait in the Guntung area, the Tribe Datuk Kelambai  in the Mandah area, the Tribe Datuk Miskin in the Batang Tuaka area.

At the beginning of the 20th century all kingdoms in the Riau region had signed an agreement under Dutch colonial rule. Thus there are two kinds of government in this region, namely the self-governing area with “zelfbesturende landschappen” and the area which was directly ordered by the so-called “rechtstreeks bestuursgebied”.

The area directly controlled by the Dutch was Mandah. This kingdom had in 1930 ca. 10,000 people.

Amir Achmad titled Saidi Sutan of Mandah, He ruled since 1917

Source (only indon. language)

– Tentang Mandah, Indragiri:,_Indragiri_Hilir
Kerajaan Batin Enam Suku (dan Mandah):

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