Kingdom of Bendahara / Sumatera – Prov. Aceh, Kab. Aceh Tamiang

The Kingdom of Bendahara was located on Sumatera, District Aceh Tamiang, province of Aceh. 19th Century.

Location of Aceh Tamiang

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Foto sultanate of Aceh

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Foto kingdoms / sultanates on Sumatera

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Kingdoms in the Tamiang / Aceh region

* Kerajaan Bukit Karang, century 10 – 1330
* Sultanate of Banua (Benua) Tamiang, 1330 – 1558
* Kerajaan Karang, 1558 – 1945
* Kerajaan Benua Tunu, 1558 – 1945
* Kerajaan Seruway, century 19 – 1945
* Kerajaan Bendahara, century 19 – 1945

History of the kingdom Bendahara, 19th century

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There was a power struggle between T. Sulung and T. Absah. It started when King Mamat was playing chess in the royal courtyard and received a report from the soldier that Gajah Mada’s troops had sailed to Tamiang for seizing the power order in the area. However, because King Mamat, who was playing chess, underestimated the news.

Then came the second news, but the king still didn’t respond. Until the third news, the king thought about what actions to take so that Gajah Mada’s troops could not enter and attack. Then it occurred to the king, that there was a rice granary that could be used to build a dam on the Tamiang river. Without thinking, the King immediately carried out his idea.

Indeed, with his actions, King Mamat succeeded in stopping Gajah Mada’s troops, but this made Raja Mamat feel, that he was no longer worthy of being King Tamiang because of his negligence and underestimation of the enemy. Due to the feeling of despair that continued to beat, the King pedaled downstream from the river and since then there has been no news of King Mamat.

The position of the King Tamiang was replaced by King Mahmud, the only son of King Mamat. But King Mahmud died at a young age due to illness. This is where the civil war began. Because King Mahmud did not have a son, who had the right to become King, there was a clash between T. Sulung and T. Absah. Basically, the one who had the right to become the King of Tamiang was T. Sulung, but that’s where the problem started.

There was a split in the Tamiang Kingdom, King T. Sulung formed his own kingdom in Karang Baru and T. Absah founded two kingdoms located in the Benua Raja area, namely the Kingdom of Bendahara and the Kingdom of Seruway.

The Seruway kingdom was formed around 1887 by the order of King Absah, and this kingdom was led by T. Abdul Majid and after he died, the position was replaced by T. Zainal Abidin, the only child of T. Abdul Majid. T. Zainal Abidin became King at the Seruway Palace until the last.

It is recorded, that since 1906 north Bendahara Hilir was connected with the kingdom of Karang by the Dutch Government. In 1943 it was separated again by the Japanese Government.

List of kings of Bendahara

* 1789-1837: Panglima Deli
* 1837-1871: Achmad Deli
* 1871-1901: Raja Matali Deli
* 1904-1906: Raja Ibrahin Deli
* 1943-1946: Raja Achmad Basyah

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