Kingdom of Bendahara / Sumatera – Prov. Aceh, Kab. Aceh Tamiang

The Kingdom of Bendahara was located on Sumatera, District Aceh Tamiang, province of Aceh.

Provinsi Aceh

District Aceh Tamiang

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History of the kingdom Bendahara

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After king Sri Mangkuta (Sultan Banua Tamiang) died, during the reign of king Penita (1699-1700) a descendant of king Gempa Alamsyah, who ruled Benua Tunu and king Tan Kuala (1662-1699) descendent of king Fromsyah who ruled the Negeri Karang, to avoid and prevent a civil war from fighting over the power of the Tamiang kingdom, the two brothers agreed (Benua Tunu and Negeri Karang) together, pleading with Sultan Taj Alam Syaifuddin Mukayatsyah (1641-1676). And during the reign of Ratu Kemalat Syah (1688-1699) the kingdom of Benua Tunu and Negeri Karang became one kingdom and it got the Cap (stamp) Sikureung.

With the passage of time of the two small kingdoms, appeared the new kingdom of Negeri Bendahara under the rule of Potjcut Achmad with the title king of Bendahara I (1883–1871) and it also obtained the Cap Sikureung from the sultan of Aceh.

Kingdoms that ever existed on Bumi Tamiang:

* kingdom of Benua Tunu,
* kingdom of Bendahara,
* kingdom of Seruway,
* kingdom of Karang Tamiang.

The kingdom of Bendahara included also Seruway, Sungai Iyu & Telaga Meku.
It is recorded, that since 1906 north Bendahara Hilir was connected with the kingdom of Karang by the Dutch Government. In 1943 it was separated again by the Japanese Government.

List of kings of Bendahara

* 1789-1837: Panglima Deli
* 1837-1871: Achmad Deli
* 1871-1901: Raja Matali Deli
* 1904-1906: Raja Ibrahin Deli
* 1943-1946: Raja Achmad Basyah

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