Kingdom of Matano / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – Kab. Luwu

The kingdom of Matano is a kingdom of the Matano People, District Luwu, prov. South Sulawesi. This kingdom already existed in the 14th century.
The title of the king is Mokole.

District Luwu

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About the king / Mokole

Present king / Mokole: Umar Ranggo
The present raja was installed dec. 2012.

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History of the kingdom

Google translation

In the early days, Matano was ruled by a Mokole. Mokole Matano ruled several tribal children and established a small empire. But when the kingdom of Luwu developed rapidly in the 14th century, Matano became part of the federation. The kingdoms belonging to the territory of Luwu were called palili, its task was helping, obeying, and fully supporting Luwu’s rules and decisions.

In 1898 Makole Matano rebelled against the Kingdom of Luwu by attacking Wotu. Although there is actually an indication, that the invasion of Makole Matano to Wotu was secretly recommended by the Luwu kingdom to Makole Matano to punish Wotu, who did not assist the Luwu Kingdom in a small war by Luwu.

This silent strategy of the Luwu Kingdom became a boomerang for the kingdom of Luwu, as Makole Matano established alliance with the Mori kingdom. Makole Matano’s resistance then increased the conflict between the kingdom of Luwu and Mori kingdom radically and changed the alliance pattern in the highlands.

Relics of the grave of the king of Matano

Matano was not just a kingdom but a civilization located on the western edge of Lake Matano East Luwu. Famous as an iron-producing region before Europeans arrived in the archipelago, Matano had built his territory with a fortress defense to make a gun-shaped weapon against the kingdom of Central Sulawesi, who was about to take control of his territory. The rest of the old civilization of Matano is only an old tomb of Matano kings now unkempt. Here are a number of old grave photo tombs in Matano.

Old maps of Sulawesi

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  Sulawesi and Maluku, 1683

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Sejarah kerajaan Matano:
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