Kingdom of Tolitoli / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah, Kab. Tolitoli

The kingdom of Tolitoli is located on Sulawesi, Kab. Tolitoli, central Sulawesi.

Prov. of Central Sulawesi

Kab. Tolitoli

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About the king

21 mei 2017: The king of Tolitoli,  H. Moh. Anwar Bantilan died. He was born in Tolitoli 21 March 1929.
10 december 2017: The new king was installed: H Moh Saleh Bantilan.
Foto’s of the installation: link

History of the kingdom

The name Tolitoli, according to legend, is derived from the word Totolu, which means three. That is, the Tolitoli people originated from 3 incarnations: Olisan Month (golden bamboo), Bumbung Lanjat (top of the tree Langsat), and Ue saka (a kind of rattan). Olisan Bulan incarnated in Tau Dei Baolan or Tamadika Baolan.

Tolitoli was, as far as we know,  a kingdom. It reached its peak after the arrival of Islam, around the 17th century, which brought preachers from Ternate sultanate.
Then the name of Totolu name (Tau Tolu) turned into Tontoli, as is written in theLangeContrack, 5 July 1858″ signed between Dirk Francois from the Dutch and King Bantilan Syafiuddin. In 1918 it turned into Tolitoli, as seen in the Korte verklaring” that was signed by Raja Haji Mohammad Ali and the Dutch government; at that time the centre was in Nalu.

Sulawesi 19th century 

List of kings

* 1737 – 1752:                     Daeng Bone (Apone)
* 1752 – 17….:                     Mulana Muhammad Nurdin
* c.1772:                              Tumente (Mente)
* c.1800 – c.1812:               Jamalul Alam Bantilan
* c.1812 – 1856:                  Yusuf Malatuang Syaful Mulk
* 1856 – 1858:                     Regency
* 5 Jul 1858 – 1867:             Bantilan Syaifuddin
* 1867 – May 1905:              Abdul Hamid Bantilan (d. 1905)
* 1905 – 1918:                     Ismail
* 1918 – 1919:                     Regency council
* – Ali
* – I Busuna
* – Muhammad Sirajuddin
* 9 Sep 1919 – 1926:           Jali Muhammad Salih
* 1926 – 1929:                     Muhammad Yahya Bantilan (1st time) (d. af.1960)
* 1926 – 1929:                     Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz -Regent (d. 1946)
* 1929 – 1942:                     Matata Daeng Masese -Regent (d. 1942)
* 1942 – 1944:
* 1944 – 1946:                     Muhammad Yahya Bantilan (2nd time) (s.a.)
* 1946 – 1957:                     Regent
* 12 Jan 1957 – 1960:         Muhammad Yahya Bantilan (3rd time) (s.a.)
* 1960 – 2000:                     Interregnum
* 2000:                                 Muhammad Anwar Bantilan (b. 1934)


The palace

In 1812 sultan Moh. Yusuf Syaipul Muidjuddin, who hold a malatuang (which can be worshiped), which is called by the People of Tolitoli TAU DEIBUNTUNA, established a palace in the village of Nalu as the center of royal control at the time was named Bale Dako (big palace) or Bale Masigi (a palace whose roof is like a mosque’s dome).

The grave of king Syaifuddin Bantilan

On the island of Lutungan or Tando Kanau there is the Tomb of King Syaifuddin Bantilan, who ruled from 1859 to 1867. Syaifuddin Bantilan was a powerful king. He is a descendant of King Mohammad Yusuf Syaiful Muluk Muidjuddin alias Malatuang, who deposed the kings, who reigned in the Kingdom of Tolitoli.

Old maps of Sulawesi

For old maps of Sulawesi (1606, 1633, 1683, 1700, 1757, 1872, abad ke-19): klik here

 Sulawesi and Maluku, 1683

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