Kingdom of Wawolesea / Prov. Sulawesi Tenggara – Kab. Konawe Utara

The kingdom of Wawolesea was located on Sulawesi, District Konawe Utara, prov. Sulawesi Tenggara.
The title of the king was Mokole.

District Konawe Utara

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History of the kingdom

The Kingdom of Mokole Padangguni existed already for about 5 centuries. About the 10th century AD was at reign, Raja Sangia Ramandalangi, who was also named Langgai Moriana, son of King Sangia Toramalangi Totongano Wonna (King of State Center Padangguni).at reign at that time.
The source of history reveals that 3 kingdoms of the Tolaki people, who once triumphed in the days before the Kingdom of Konawe in this area, existed namely:
1) Kerajaan Padangguni, centered in Padangguni, desa Padangguni Utama,  Kec.Abuki,
2) Kerajaan Besulutu, in the desa of Besulutu, Kec. Besulutu,
3) Kerajaan Wowalesea berpusat di Wowalesea,, Kec. Lasolo, Kab. Konawe Utara.

When the kingdoms above began to advance and develop, there was a civil war for reasons of territorial expansion and the borders of the kingdom. Mokole of the Padangguni Kingdom led by King Mokole Sangia Ramandalangi Langgai Moriana fought with the kingdom of Besulutu led by King Mombeeti, and the kingdom of Wowalesea led by King Solooti fought with the Kingdom of Bungku, Central Sulawesi.
After the civil war was over, finally two small royal areas, namely the kingdom of Besulutu and the kingdom of Wowalesea collapsed.

Grave of Mombeeti (Mokole Wawolesea) 


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