Kingdom of Natal / Prov. Sumatera Utara – kab. Mandailing Natal

The kingdom of Natal was located on Sumatera, District Mandailing Natal, prov. Sumatera Utara.

District Mandailing Natal

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History of the kingdom of Natal

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Natal or Nata, was for centuries a trading base for the Minangkabau community. Together with other western coastal cities of North Sumatera such as Sibolga, Barus, and Sorkam, the city had a Minangkabau cultural pattern. This region began to develop since the king Putria originating from the Sultanate of Indrapura.
In its development, the region became a separate kingdom known as Ranah Natal. There is still controversy about the origin of tne name Natal. Some say the Portuguese gave the name because when they arrived at the Port on the West Coast of Mandailing, the Portuguese sailors got the impression that this natural harbor resembled the Port of Natal region in South Africa today.

There is another version that says that the Portuguese fleet arrived at this Port right on Christmas day so they named the harbor with the name Natal. By Puti Balkis A Alisjahbana, the poet’s sister Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana explains that the word “Christmas” comes from two short phrases respectively in Mandailing and Minangkabau languages. The phrase in Mandailing is “Na Tarida” which means visible (seen from the foot of Mount Sorik Marapi in Mandailing Natal area). This phrase then gradually became Natal.

In the 16th century, Natal was ruled by the Kingdom of Aceh. From 1751-1825, Natal became a British trading post. After the signing of the Treaty of London, Natal became part of the Dutch East Indies government, which in 1843 was incorporated into the Tapanuli Residency. After the independence period, the territory was then incorporated into the administration of North Sumatra Province.

About the titles of the nobility

Like any other area on the west coast of Minangkabau, in Natal a child whose mother and father are descendants of nobility, will be entitled to the title of Sutan (male) or Puti (female). But if the mother is not a descendant of nobility, then the child only use the title of Marah (male) or Sitti (female).

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– Sejarah kerajaan Natal:

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