Kingdom of Sintong / Prov. Riau, Sumatera – Wilayah Rokan

The kingdom of Sintong was located on Sumatera, province of Riau, in the Rokan area.

Province of Riau

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History of the kingdom

Riau was a country rich in history in the past. Not only rich in natural resources but also rich in history. Malay kingdom or nation ever experienced a heyday in advance.
In Riau Province there were a number of Malay kingdoms, that once existed, such as the kingdoms of Indragiri (1658 – 1838), Siak (1723 – 1858), Pelalawan (1530 – 1879), and Riau-Lingga (1824-1913).
There are many other small kingdoms, such as Rokan, Tambusai, Rambah kingdom, the Kingdom of Sintong, Koto Rajo Rajo , Kingdom of Kuntu and many more.
Now it’s all just a story and history for posterity, just slightly left of the former Royal Palace.

The Sintong kingdom was located at the upper Sintong River, approximately one mile from the mouth of the River Sintong anak Sungai Rokan. There are not not many records of this kingdom, in addition to verbal notes. There is an important situs of this kingdom in the form of the temple, which has been studied by archaeologists from the Department Budsenipar Riau Province. Nevertheless, the existence of the temple was severely damaged and may be difficult to do reconstruction. According to oral history of local communities, the site was a place of worship of ancestors of the Sintong society, before Islam arrived.

The damage went on since the days of the Dutch government. On this situs were found excavated valuable objects such as treasure gold, diamonds, silver, and precious gem stones. This situation was made worse, when the people of Sintong needed bricks to build a mosque, theu used bricks from the old temple.

Region of Rokan

Wilayah Rokan

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