Kingdom of Sintong / Prov. Riau, Sumatera – Wilayah Rokan

The kingdom of Sintong was located on Sumatera, province of Riau, in the Rokan area, near the mouth of the Sintong River. 14th Century (not sure).

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History of the kingdom Sintong, 14th century (not sure)

The kingdom of Sintong is located in the upper reaches of the Sintong River, about one kilometer from the mouth of the Sintong River. There are not many records about this kingdom, apart from oral records. There is an important site of this kingdom, which is a temple that has been researched by the archaeological team from the Budsenipar Service of Riau Province. However, the existence of the temple is very damaged and may be difficult to reconstruct. According to oral stories from the local community, the site was a place of worship for the ancestors of the Sintong people before Islam entered. Their change of belief from the old religion was obtained from the influence of the preachers and the invasion of troops from Pasai and ARU.

The damage has been quite severe since the time of the Dutch government. This site was excavated by the community because it was considered to have valuable objects in the form of treasures such as gold, diamonds, silver, and expensive gemstones. This situation was exacerbated when the people of Sintong built a mosque and they were short of bricks, so the stone of this temple was transported to build a mosque in that place.

Apart from the religious sites of the Sintong people of the past, there is another interesting thing, namely the beauty myth of Princess Sintong which has no equal. The beauty of the famous daughter of Raja Sintong, had also sacrificed the life of a child of Raja Pekaitan who fell into the Rokan River with his horse as a result of witnessing the beauty of the Sintong princess who was bathing.

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