Kingdom of Kaidipang Besar / Prov. Sulawesi Utara – Kab. Bolaang Mongondow Utara

The Kingdom of Kaidipang Besar was located in north Sulawesi, district North Bolaang Mongondow, north Sulawesi.
This kingdom was founded in 1912 as result of the fusion of the kingdoms Kaidipang dan Bolaäng Itang.

District North Bolaang Mongondow

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About the kingdom Kaidipang Besar

King Mahmud of the Kingdom of Kaidipang reigned from 1908 to 1912, but he died on 07 February 1910, he died two years after the kingdom of Kaidipang experienced a vacuum running the government wheel is Jogugu Mbuingo Papeo.
During the dead of King Mahmud there were four candidates for King:
1. Abo Lancong Korompot
2. Husain Korompot
3. Abo Dadoali. L. Korompot
4. Ram Suit Pontoh.

The people of the kingdom Kaidipang elaborated on the Four Candidates who deserved to be King, the community choose Ram Suit Pontoh to occupy the position of King in the Kingdom of Kaidipang, issued by the Dutch Resident In Manado with a short contract or Korte Verklareng. After the ruling the name of the kingdom became the kingdom of Great Kaidipang covering the territory of Kaidipang Bolang Itatang with the Capital of Boroko. With territorial borders:
1. The west to the Atingola River
2. East to Biontong Village.

King Ram Suit Pontoh led the kingdom from 1912 to 1950 and the end of his leadership was the end of the kingdom of Kaidipang.

Map of Bolaang Uki, Bolaang Itang, Bolaang Mongondow and Kaidipang, 1894 


Source (only indon. language)

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King of Great Kaidipang: Ram Suit Pontoh (1912-1950).

King Ram Suit Pontoh; ruled 1912-1950

KOMALIG, is the palace and office used by King Pontoh King to take control of the kingdom of Kaidipang Besar.

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