Kingdom of Gunung Sahilan / Sumatera, Prov. Riau

The Kingdom of Gunung Sahilan: 1700 – 1941 (1946 ?). Located on Sumatera, in the District of Kampar,  province of Riau.

District of Kampar

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About the king today (2018)

22 jan. 2017
Tengku Muhammad Nizar was installed king of Gunung Sahilan. Since 1978 the throne had been empty. So, after almost 40 years again a king.

22 jan. 2017: Tengku Muhammad Nizar was installed king of Gunung Sahilan

History of the kingdom of Gunung Sahilan, 16th century

In the Riau Province there were several Malay kingdoms, like the kingdom of Indragiri (1658 – 1838), the kingdom of Siak (1723 – 1858), the Kingdom of Pelalawan (1530 – 1879), and the sultanate of Riau-Lingga (1824-1913).
There were many other small kingdoms, like Gunung Sahilan.
The Kingdom of Gunung Sahilan was founded at the beginning of the 16th century as a vazal kingdom. The first king was King Bujang Sati, who was the son of King of Pagaruyung. After the collapse of the kingdom of Pagaruyung, the kingdom became de facto and de jure independent. The kingdom of Gunung Sahilan was ruled by 12 Kings / Sultans, with the title Tengku yang dipertuan Besar.
The last King was Tengku Yang Dipertuan (TYD) or more commonly referred to as Tengku Sulung (1930-1941).

Kingdoms in Riau in the 19th century

List of kings

1) 1700-1730: Tengku yang Dipertuan Bujang Sati with the title Sutan Pangubayang. Died in Pagaruyung.
2) 1730-1760: Tengku Yang dipertuan Nan Elok. Died in Mekah.
3) 1760-1800:  Tengku yang Dipertuan Muda I. Died in Pulau Gameran Laut Merah.
4) 1800-1840:  Tengku yang Dipertuan Hitam, Died in Gunung Sahilan.
5) 1840-1870:  Tengku yang Dipertuan Abdul Jalil Khalifatullah, Died in Jeddah.
6) 1870-1905:  Tengku yang Dipertuan Besar Tengku Daulat.
7) Tengku Abdurrahman yang Dipertuan Muda.
8) 1930-1945:  Tengku Sulung yang Dipertuan Besar, (Adat king)
9) 1930-1945:  Tengku Haji Abdullah Yang Dipertuan Sati, (Ibadat king).
10) 1939:  Tengku Ghazali (crown prince) installed in 1939, but not with the title of sultan.

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Yang di Pertuan Besar Tengku Sulong; last ruling king of Gunung Sahilan

The palace

This palace was renovated in 2014.

In this palace there are some relics of Gunung Sahilan Kingdom, such as small cannon or lelo (local community name), pitcher, black gong, spear, sword, royal umbrella, which when opened is believed to be around the Sahilan area will rain a jar which in the dry season is fully loaded, but when the rainy season is empty, the local community who believes it, the bed with the mattress and some old photos are displayed in the palace.

Source (only indon. language)

– Sejarah istana kerajaan Gunung Sahilan:
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