Sultanate of Bulungan / Prov. Kalimantan Timur

ﻛﺴﻠﺘﺎﻧﻦ بولوڠن

The Sultanate of Bulungan:
1731 – 1964. Located in east Kalimantan, in the district of Bulungan.
Title of the king of Bulungan: Sultan.

District of Bulungan

Foto Sultanate of Bulungan

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Line of kingdoms on Kalimantan: link

Foto kingdoms on Kalimantan

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Video history kingdoms on Kalimantan

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Revival of the sultanate, 2013

March 2013: Installation of Sultan X, Muhammad Al-Mamun Ibni Muhammad Djalaludin.

History of the sultanate of Bulungan, 1731-1964

The Sultanate of Bulungan or Bulongan was an kingdom that once ruled the coastal areas Bulungan, Tana Tidung, Malinau District, Nunukan and Tarakan City now. The Sultanate was founded in 1731, the first king was named Wira Amir with the title Amiril Mukminin (1731-1777); the last Sultan (the 13th) was Datuk Tiras title Sultan Maulana Muhammad Djalalluddin (1931-1958).
The former state of Bulungan owned area Berau statethat had separated itself; in an  agreement of the Sultanate of Banjar with the Dutch VOC it was considered as part of the state Berau(Berau former vazal Banjar). In fact, until 1850, Bulungan was under the domination of the Sultanate of Sulu.

After Indonesia’s independence, the territory of Bulungan received the status as Autonomous Region of Bulungan or autonomous regionin the Republic of Indonesia in 1950  in 1955. The last Sultan, Jalaluddin, died in 1958. Bulungan Sultanate was abolished in 1964.

History in english: Wiki

Kingdoms on East Kalimantan

List  of kings

1) Ruled by a Kesatria / Wira:

* 1555-1594: Datuk Mencang (Seorang bangsawan dari Brunei), his wife was Asung Luwan,
* 1594-1618: Singa Laut, assistent from Datuk Mencang,
* 1618-1640: Wira Kelana, son of Singa Laut,
* 1640-1695: Wira Keranda, son of Wira Kelana,
* 1695-1731: Wira Digendung, son of Wira Keranda,
* 1731-1777: Wira Amir, son of Wira Digendung with the title Sultan Amiril Mukminin.

2) Ruled by a Sultan:

* 1777-1817: Aji Muhammad/Sultan Alimuddin bin Muhammad Zainul Abidin/Sultan Amiril Mukminin/Wira Amir
* 1817-1861: Muhammad Alimuddin Amirul Muminin Kahharuddin I bin Sultan Alimuddin (jabatan ke-1)
* 1861-1866: Muhammad Jalaluddin bin Muhammad Alimuddin
* 1866-1873: Muhammad Alimuddin Amirul Muminin Kahharuddin I bin Sultan Alimuddin (jabatan ke-2)
* 1873-1875: Muhammad Khalifatul Adil bin Maoelanna
* 1875-1889: Muhammad Kahharuddin II bin Maharaja Lela
* 1889-1899: Sultan Azimuddin bin Sultan Amiril Kaharuddin
* 1899-1901: Pengian Kesuma. Wife of Sultan Azimuddin.
* Sultan Kasimuddin
* 1925-1930: Datu Mansyur, assistent of the sultan
* 1930-1931: Maulana Ahmad Sulaimanuddin, married Tengku Lailan Syafinah binti alm. Tuanku Sultan Abdul Aziz Abdul Jalil Rakhmat Shah (Sultan Langkat)
* 1931-1958: Maulana Muhammad Jalaluddin
* 2013: Maulana Al-Mamun Ibni Muhammad Maulana Djalaludin

– Source Wiki: link

Palace of the Sultanate

In 1964 the palace caught fire. In 1964, the government established the Bulungan Sultanate Museum located at the Bulungan Palace. In this museum, there are still historical objects from the Sultanate of Bulungan that were saved during the fire, such as the Sultan’s bed, photographs, chairs, tables, and copies of his oversized clothes. To find out the history of the Kasultanan Bulungan, you can also visit the old mosque which is also a historical legacy of the Sultanate of Bulungan, which was founded in 1929, located in Tanjung Palas sub-district.

Foto palace (Museum) Bulungan: link

Source (english)

Sultan Bulungan Jalaluddin with the queen (1940).

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