Kingdom of Sigi / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah, Kab. Donggala

The kingdom of Sigi is located on Sulawesi, Kab. Donggala, prov. Sulawesi Tengah. This is a kingdom of the Kaili People.

prov. Sulawesi Tengah (hijau)

District Donggala

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History of the kingdom of Sigi

There are the kingdoms of:
Kerajaan Sigi,
Kerajaan Dolo,
– Kerajaan Dolo Biromaru,
Kerajaan Sigi Dolo,
kerajaan Biromaru,

The kingdom of Dolo had joined Rindau and Kaleke from 1650 until 1890.
Joined Birumaru from 1908 until 1915 became then Dolo Birumaru, until Birumaru broke away.

1908-1915: Dolo Biromaru
1918: Dolo’s king is disposed and Dolo joined with Sigi.
1915-1929: Sigi Biromaru. Datu Pamusu was the king of Dolo.
But this king was disposed 17-5-1918. Then Dolo joins with Sigi. Magau Lamakarate’s mother is Yolekodi, married Magau Jayalangkara from Tawaeli.

About the kings of Sigi

……..Magau Sairali Intobongo of Sigi
Succeeded father, Magau Bakulu and married Intowiwa, and was succeeded by brother, Tanjalabu.

………Magau Pue Bua of Sigi
Succeeded father, Sairali I Mewanalemba, and married to the Mogara of Dolo. Their daughter, Bakakeku, became ruler of Dolo and married Tondalabua, who was ruler of Sigi, and nephew of Pue Bua.

…….. Magau Intobonga of Sigi
She married, Lolontomene, who was son of  Princess Bakakeku of Dolo and Prince Tondalabua of Sigi.

1906-15 Regent-Ratu/Magau I Tondai of Biromaru
1907-15 Magau of Sigi
Successor of her father, Daeng Masiri of Sigi, the year after she had followed her mother Yahasia as Regent-Ratu/Magau of Biromaru. I Tondai abdicated in 1915 and the states of Biromaru and Sigi-Dolo merged. She was succeeded by Magu Lamakarate, Datu Pamusu, the son of her sister, Yolekodi, who was married to Magau Jayalangkara van Tawaeli. Her successor was already ruler of Dolo.
– Source:

Palu, Sigi and Dolo 1917

Structure of the government of the kingdoms of Sigi and Dolo

Kingdoms in the region Donggala

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Before conquered by the Dutch government in the year 1904, the region of Donggala Regency was the territory of kings who were independent:

NB: kerajaan = kingdom

1. Kerajaan Palu
2. Kerajaan Sigi Dolo
3. Kerajaan Kulawi
4. Kerajaan Biromaru
5. Kerajaan Banawa
6. Kerajaan Tawaili
7. Kerajaan Moutong
8. Kerajaan Parigi

The structure of government of there kingdoms was basically the same, the only difference is the use of the term for the royal device according to their respective regional languages. The Dutch East Indies government occupied these kingdoms after wars such as Sigi Dolo war, Kulawi war, Tombolotutu war, Donggala war and other small wars.
The war ended with the signing of a treaty known as “Lange Verklaring”, which was followed by konterverklaring, which in essence was the unification of the Dutch government’s sovereignty over the territories of the kingdom. After being conquered in 1904, it was made an administrative area under the name of the district, apart from a district called onderdistrik. A combination of several districts is called swapraja or called landscap (Zelfs besteweronde landschappen). To govern in this autonomous region there was a “Kort Verklaring”, the Dutch government established a regulation on areas of self-government, that were valid since 1927 and amended in 1938 under the name zelfbestusregelen.

Source (only indon. language)

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