Kingdom of Balusu / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan, Kab. Barru

The Kingdom of Balusu is located in Kabupaten Barru, south Sulawesi.

Location of Balusu

Province of South Sulawesi 

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About the king

2012: South Sulawesi governor candidate, Ilham Arief Sirajuddin, has been installed as member of the extended family, together with the oldest son of the extended family of the kingdom of Balusu.
The coronation was marked by the use of scarves and skull cap of the extended family of the kingdom of Balusu in Saoraja Lapinceng, District Balusu, Barru, last Monday. This is a special place, used for the installation of the king of Balusu; already seven kings have been installed at this place.

History of the kingdom

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In the beginning the Kingdom of Balusu was ruled by the descendants of the kings of Gowa.
But when the people of Balusu were no longer willing to be commanded by the descendants of the kings of Gowa, the customary chairman of the kingdom of Balusu begs the kingdom of Soppeng (Datu Soppeng), to grant or allow the descendants of Datu Soppeng to become king Balusu. But all of Datu Soppeng’s sons had taken office, so his daughter Tenri Kaware was sent to become Queen of Balusu.
After Tenri Kaware ruled the kingdom of Balusu for several years, she was succeeded by her son, Andi Muhammad Saleh. During the reign of Andi Muhammad Saleh, the kingdom of Balusu was safe and secure. In addition, people’s lives were full of prosperity and abundant agricultural products. This king is known to be very pious and brave, so he later got the title Andi Muhammad Saleh Daeng Parani Arung Balusu.
For his services in defending the kingdom of Soppeng from the destruction of the attacks launched by the combined kingdom of Wajo and Sidenreng (Musu Belo or Belo War),  he was given the title ‘Petta Sulle Datue’. This title also provides an opportunity to Andi Muhammad Saleh to replace Datu Soppeng if absent and handed the duties and responsibilities as warlords in the western part of the kingdom of Soppeng. During his reign, Andi Muhammad Saleh moved the royal center from Balusu to Lapasu and his defensive headquarters in Bulu Dua. In Bulu Dua is established Saoraja Lamacan is famous for carving.

List of kings

1906  Soppengriaja formed with Balusu, Kiru and Kamiri

1) Balusu (Datuk)

* until 1906:    Baso Patta Bau Lampoko

2) Kiru (Aru)

* until 1906:    La Tobo Patta Lenrang

3)  1906  Soppengriaja  formed

* 1906 – 19 aug. 1920:                  La Tobo Patta Lenrang
* 19 aug. 1920 – 18 febr. 1932:    La Maddiawe
* 18 febr. 1932 – 1950:                  Yusuf

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The palace

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Lapinceng is the king’s residence in the Kingdom of Balusu. This kingdom was under the influence of Soppeng kingdom. Built 1836. This house was built by Andi Muhammad Saleh.

Saoraja La Pinceng was made in 1895 located the District of Barru. The size of Ale Bola or main house building is approximately 23.50 x 11 meters. The number of pillars of Saoraja La Pinceng are as many as 35 pieces with a length of about 6.50 meters, and a width of about 5.50 meters. In addition, there are also nine pieces of pillars with a size of 3 x 3 meters. The kitchen house has a length of about 11 meters and a width of about 8 meters, with 20 pillars (5 x 4), plus two pillars between Ale Bola and a kitchen house that serves as a connector and a rear staircase. In addition, in the location of Saoraja La Pinceng are also some buildings, among others, a guard house with a size of about 7.50 x 4 meters, stage building staging with a size of about 9.50 x 5 meters. There is also a bathroom and well building with a size of about 8.50 x 6.20 meters. The total location is about 4,000 square meters.

Palace of Balusu: Saoraja La Pinceng. Click to enlarge.


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