Kingdom of Padang (Tebing Tinggi / Prov. Sumatera Utara

The Kingdom of Padang (Tebing Tinggi) was located in north Sumatera, City of Tebing Tinggi. Prov. North Sumatera.

Kota Tebing Tinggi

Provinsi of North Sumatera

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About the king

Present Dynasty-chief:  Tengku Nurdinsyah al-hajj gelar Tengku Maharaja Bongsu (2004 – ….).

History of the kingdom

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A Dutch military figure, politician and author, wrote in his agenda, that ‘The Kingdom of Padang in East Sumatra is a Malay kingdom that became a colony of Deli. Maharaja and Malay-speaking people of coastal and cultured Malay are so original “. He also wrote “The people are friendly and good at dancing Malay accompanied by melayu songs and classy Malay food treats with a mixture of coconut milk”.

Tuanku Umar Baginda Saleh (1630); according to the book Improving the History Concept of Deli Serdang 1987), had a son named Marah Ali Maluddin, who was converted in Kampung Perbatu in the land of Padang, his son named Marah Jana founded Tanjung Merawa – Senembah (his tomb in Kampung Batu Bedimbar). His grandchild from Marah Dewa, named Datuk Raja Paterum, Johan Pahlawan (Raja Tanjung Merawa), married the daughter of Senembah in Sei Bahasa, 1723, at the beginning of Serdang.
He had four sons, two of whom each moved to Sunggal and Sicanggang Langkat, another named Datuk Tharib (Kampong Baru – Serdang), another was Datuk Marah Hullah (Datuk Tanjung Merawa).
Although the age of the Kingdom of Padang in Tebing Tinggi older than Serdang Sultanate, until 1854 Padang and Bedagai had become a land of Serdang. On October 6, 1865, the Riau resident, E Netscher on behalf of the Governor, issued a deed to determine the Deli conquered areas of Padang (High Cliff), Bedagai, Denai and Percut.
In the time of Sultan Deli, Tuanku Ma’mun Al-Rashid Perkasa Alam Shah, he declared on October 9, 1907, that Bandar Khalifah belonging to the Kingdom of Padang in Tebing Tinggi as the Official Port of the Kingdom of Padang, is also called the official Port of Deli Sultanate, besides Belawan and Tanjung Banyan.

List of kings

  • Tuanku Umar Baginda Saleh

(+/- 1630 – 1640)

  • Marah Sudin
  • Raja Saladin
  • Raja Adam
  • Raja Syahdewa
  • Raja Sidin
  • Raja Jamta Melayu

Raja Tebing Pangeran (1806-1853)

  • Marah Hakum with the title Raja Geraha (1853-1870)
  • Tengku Haji Muhammad Nurdin with the title Maharaja Muda Wazir Negeri

Padang (1870-1914). Pemangku: Tengku Abdurrahman (Berahman), with the Deli expansion in a direct government that represents the deputy Deli: Tengku Sulaiman (1885-1888). Tengku Ibrahim dan Tengku Djalaluddin – Tengku Temenggung Deli (Pemangku 1914-1926).

  • Tengku Alamsyah with the title Tengku Maharaja Bongsu (1926-1931).
  • Tengku Ismail (1931-1933).
  • Tengku Hassim (Tengku Hassim born 29 Januari 1902 in Bandar Sakti, ruled 1933-1946)
  • Tengku Izhanolsyah (died 1982)
  • Tengku Nurdinsyah al-hajj with the title Tengku Maharaja Bongsu (2004 – …

The Palace

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