Kingdom of Barru / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan – kab. Barru

The Kingdom of Barru is a kingdom of the Bugis People, District of Barru, Province of South Sulawesi. This kingdom already existed in the14th century.

District of Barru

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About the King

Present king (Arung) 2014: Andi Hasanudin Petta Tawang, putera Andi Djonjo.

Info from Andi M. Irvan Zulfikar (augustus 2014):
My grand father is Andi Djuanna Daeng Maliungan Petta Sulewatang Barru, while Andi Djonjo Karaeng Lembangparang is Arung Barru. Present ketua adat of Barru is Andi Hasanudin Petta Tawang, he is one of Andi Djonjo’s sons.

History of the kingdom of Barru, 14th century

The Kingdom of Barru before it was founded, was a small kingdom, led by a king of:
* Kingdom of Berru (Barru),
* Kingdom of Tanete,
* Kingdom of Soppeng Riaja and
* Kingdom of Mallusetasi.

Prior to the establishment of the Berru Kingdom, the area was named Ajjarengnge. The area was overgrown with a type of tree called Aju Berru. In addition, in Ajjarengnge, there is also an heirloom from Batara Guru in the form of a magical well named Bujung Waranie and contained divine water, according to community belief, the well water could bring good luck such as having courage and intelligence.

Initially the water was found in the Luwu Kingdom, but suddenly it disappeared and moved to around Ajjarengnge. Some time later, a nobleman from the Luwu Kingdom, Laware Malluajeng, came along with his entourage to find the well which water was considered lucky. It was there that the son of the lord of Luwu found a well of lucky water as well as a local princess, which he married and lived in Ajjarengnge. At first the Ajjarengnge people only ate sago and rumpia as staple food until a son from Manurungnge ri Jangang-jangnge named Lasarewo opened a forest full of sago palm trees to be used as residential and plantation land, the area was later known as La Rumpia which became rice fields.

Because of his ability to open agricultural / plantation land, Lasarewo was then appointed king on a rock which the people called the Allantireng Stone, next to the stone there was an Aju Berru tree which was later used as the name of the Berru Kingdom and Lasarewo as its first king.

During the reign of King Berru IV, Matinro Ri Daun Lesang, who ruled between 1381 and 1381, he divided the Berru Kingdom into two regions, namely the Berru Riaja Kingdom which is in the mountains and the Berru Rilau Kingdom which is located on the coast. The government in the Berru Rilau Kingdom was held by the king of Matinro Ri Daun Lesang himself, while the government in the Berru Riaja Kingdom was handed over to his younger brother.

During the reign of King Barru XII, Mattinroe Ri Dua Jenna, Islam began to enter the Berru Kingdom, the entry of Islam in Barru was inseparable from the role of the Tanete Kingdom which was a neighbor of the Barru Kingdom. MattinroE Ri Dua Jenna was the first Berru king to convert to Islam after the Tanete Kingdom in 1606.

During the reign of King Barru, Kalimullah Jonjong Karaeng Lembang Parang who ruled in 1908, the Barru Kingdom became a Onderafdeling and under the supervision of a Kontroleur until the arrival of the Japanese occupation from 1942 to 1945. After the Japanese government ended, the Kontroleur also ruled in Barru until 1946. In On September 9, 1945, Andi Sadapoto, who was the son of Karaeng Lembang Parang was appointed as King to succeed his father.

In 1947, Andi Sadapoto was replaced by Andi Sahari Banong. During the reign of King Andi Sahribanong, namely in 1948, the Barru Kingdom changed to Swapraja with the Head of Government KPN Abdul Latif Daeng Massiki until 1949. KPN Abdul Latif Daeng Massiki was replaced by Patotoreng to become KPN and as head of Swapraja Andi Sahri Banong was later replaced by Andi Sumangerukka Head of Swapraja Barru.

Location kingdom of Barru (Barroe), 1909


List of kings

There are 2 versions

Version 1

1) Manurunnge Ri Jangan Jangan
2) Petta Matinroe Ri Kajuara
3) Petta Matinroe Ri Daunglesang
4) Raja Barru ke-4: I Lippeng Daeng Manakku, woman, Beliau permaisuri La Tenri Tippe To Wallannae Addatuang Sindenreng MatinroE ri Tamantingan.
5) Raja Barru ke-5: La Mallewai Addatuang Sidenreng. Son of La Tenri Tippe To Wallannae Addatuang Sindenreng Matinrow ri Tamantingan with I Lippeng Daeng Manakku.
6) Raja Barru ke-6: I Kutana, woman. Beliau permasisuri dari La Mallewai, Raja Barru ke 5.
7) Raja Barru ke-7: I Rukia Karaeng Kanjene Addatuang Sidenreng. Beliau permaisuri dari To Wangangmetta Arung Ajjaling Petta Punggawae ri Bone, puteri La Mallewai, Raja Baru ke 5, bersama I Cabunreng Daeng Takontu Karaeng Sagala.
8) Raja Barru ke-8: To Appo Addatuang Sidenreng. Putera dari To Wangangmetta Arung Ajjaling Petta Punggawac ri Bone bersama I Rukia Karaeng Kanjene Addatuang Sidenreng Raja Barru ke 7.
9) King Barru 9: La Makkawaru To Marilaleng Bone. Beliau putera dari To Appo Addatuang Sidenreng, Raja Barru ke 8, bersama I Ni’nong Arung Atakka.
10) King Barru 10: La Wawo Addatuang Sidenreng, king of Tempe, king of Maiwa, and king of Barru 10. Son of To Appo Addatuang Sidenreng king of Barru 8 with I Tungke Arung Tempe.
11) King Barru 11: To Appasawe Matinrowe ri Agamana. Son of To Appo Addatuang Sidenreng king of Barru 8 with Besse Leppangeng daughter of Arung Palla.
12) King Barru 12: To Patarai Sumangerrukka Matinrowe ri Masigi’na.
Son of To Appasawe Matinrowe ri Agamana, king of Barru 11, with Sitti Halijah Arung Paopao daughter of La Maddusila king of Tanete 16 with wife We Seno Datu Citta.
13) King Barru 13: Baso Mangempang karaeng Bontosunggu. Son of To Patarai Sumangngarukka Mattinrowe ri Masigi’na, king of Barru 12, with I Baegong Arung macege daughter of Sultan Muhammad Ismail Muhtajuddin king of Bone 24.
14) King Barru 14: Aisah Tenri Pada.. Daughter of To Patarai Sumangerrukka Mattiroe ri Masigi’na, king of Barru 12, with I Baegong Arung Macege daughter of Sultan Muhammad Ismail Muhtajuddin king of Bone 24.
15) King Barru  15: Makkarau Petta Bettang Matinrowe ri TanamaridiE. Son of Baso Mangempang Karaeng Bontosunggu, king of Barru 13 with Tonceng Patta Ola.
16) King Barru 16: Batari Tojang, daughter of Malingkaan Daeng Nyonri karaeng Katangka Sultan Idris Raja Gowa ke 33.
17) Pa Mangcmpang Petta Pandegara, king from Alakkarau Petta Bettang Matinrowe ri Tanxra.:~ 1 ~, with Makkutana Petta Nessa.
18) King Barru  18: Jonjo Karaeng Lembangparang Raja Barru Petta Berru ke 18. Son of Mahmud Karaeng Beroanging Tomarilaleng Kerajaan Tallo with Bataritojang king of Barru 16.

– Source:

From left to right:
Arung Berru,
– La Ode Farlihi (sultan Buton),
– A.Mappanyukki (Mangkau Bone).

Version 2

* 1331-1336: La putra manurunE ri Jangang-jangangE
* 1336-1361: Petta Cakkeawo
* 1361-1381: Matinroe ri Daung Lesang
* 1381-1401: Matinroe ri Data
* 1401-1426: MatinroE ri Bulu

* 1426-1451: Matinroe ri Lamuru
* 1451-1476: MatinroE ri AjuaraE
* 1476-1501: Daeng Maero
* 1501-1526: MatinroE ri Duajenna
* 1526-1551: MatinroE ri Coppobulu

* 1551-1576: MatinroE ri Kasuarrang
* 1576-1601: MatinroE ri Laleng Berru
* 1621-1626: ToriwettaE ri Bampa
* 1626-1651: Adik dari ToriwettaE ri Bampa
* 16651-1676: MatinroE ri Barugana

* 1676-1701: We Limpo Daeng Manurung
* 1701-1726: La Mallewai
* 1726-1751: I Rakiyah Karaeng Agang Je’ne
* 1751-1776: La Tuappa
* 1776-1815: Toapasawe

* 1815-1836: To Patari Sumangerukka
* 1836-1887: Tenripadang Sultan Aisyah, Karaeng Bainea Gowa
* 1888-1908: Batari Tojo Karaeng Lakiung
* 1908-1955: I Jonjo Kalimullah Karaeng Mangeppe[ Petta Berru 1908-1955 )
* 25. La Sadopotto
* 26. Saribanong Karaeng Tanete
* 27. Muhtar Sumangerukka Karaeng Mangeppe

– Source:

From left to right: Sri Paduka Datu Luwu 40, Andi Maradang Mackulau Opu to Bau, (white) Andi Hasanudin Petta Tawang of Barru, Prof. Ahmad Ubbe. 2014.  Sumber:  Andi M. Irvan Zulfikar.

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