Kingdom of Cengal (Tjingal) / Prov. Kalimantan Selatan

The kingdom of Cengal (Tjingal), was located in Kalimantan, the region of the district Tanah Bumbu, province of South Kalimantan.

District of Tanah Bumbu

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History of the kingdom of Cengal

Cengal (Tjingal) or Pamukan was a autonomous region, headed by a bumiputera, and was part of the Afdeeling Pasir and Tanah Boemboe in the Dutch East Indies colonial administration under the authority of the Assistant Resident GH Dahmen based in Samarinda. Regional autonomous government was delegated to a chief bumiputera is young Prince Muhammad Arifillah.

Small kingdoms under the Sultanate of Banjar.

Under the Sultanate of Banjar there were several small kingdoms in the region of Tanah Bumbu and Pulau Laut. They were semi-independent. Because government services were not covered by the Sultanate, these kingdoms kingdoms were given authority to rule within their region.
Small kingdoms under the rule of the Sultanate Bandar in Tanah Bumbu and Pulau Laut are:

1. The kingdom of Pagatan,
2. The Kingdom of Kusan,
3. The Kingdoms of Cengal, Manunggal and Bangkalaan,
4. The Kingdoms of Cantung and Sampanahan,
5. The Kingdom of Sebamban,
6. The kingdom of Batulicin,
7. The Kingdom of Pasir,
8. The Kingdom of Kotabaru.

List of rulers

* 1780-1800: Pangeran Prabu (Sultan Sepuh) as king of Bangkalaan, Sampanahan, Manunggul and Cengal.
* 1800-1820: Pangeran Nata (Ratu Agung) bin Pangeran Prabu as  king of Bangkalaan, Sampanahan and Manunggul. At that time Cengal was handed over to Prince Seria.
* 1800-?): Pangeran Seria bin Pangeran Prabu as king of Bangkalaan, Sampanahan, Manunggul and Cengal.
* 1820-1830 (atau 18xx-1825): Gusti Besar binti Pangeran Prabu as king of Bangkalaan, Sampanahan, Manunggul, Cengal, Cantung, Batulicin. Gusti Besar was located in Cengal. Cantung and Batulicin were submitted after the death of Ratu Intan.
* Kepala Cengal, Manunggul, Sampanahan installed by the Sultan of Pasir.
* 1825-1840: Aji Jawi (1840) (son of Gusti Besar) (1825-1840): Pangeran Aji Jawi/Aji Djawa (1840-1841) as king of Bangkalaan, Sampanahan, Manunggul, Cengal, Cantung and Batulicin.
* 1845: Aji Tukul (Ratu Intan II/Ratu Agung) bin Aji Jawi(1845). About 1846 as king of Bangkalaan, Manunggul and Cengal.
* 1845-1846: Aji Pati (Pangeran Agung) bin Sultan Sulaiman from Pasir as king of Bangkalaan, Manunggul and Cengal.
* 1846: Aji Samarang (Pangeran Muda Muhammad Arifbillah) bin Aji Pati Pangeran Muda or full Pangeran Muda Mohammad Arifillah Aji Samarang as king of Bangkalaan, Manunggul, Cengal.
* Pangeran Syarif Hasyim al-Qudsi, (Besluit dd. 24 Maret 1864 no. 15 en als no.104.
* Aji Mas Rawan (Raja Arga Kasuma) bin Aji Samarang(1884-1905) as king of Bangkalaan, Manunggul, and Cengal.

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Source (only indon. language)

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Sejarah kerajaan Cengal:
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