Kingdom of Boalemo / Sulawesi – prov. Gorontalo, kab. Boalemo

The Kingdom of Boalemo was a kingdom in the province of Gorontalo, district of Boalemo, Sulawesi.
The first king of Boalemo was sultan Hurudji, who was installed in 1607.

District of Boalemo

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History of the kingdom

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Before the colonial period of Gorontalo region, the kingdoms were arranged according to the customary law of Gorontalo state administration. The kingdoms were incorporated in a family bond called “Pohala’a”. According to Haga (1931) Gorontalo area there are five pohala’a:

  • Pohala’a Gorontalo
  • Pohala’a Limboto
  • Pohala’a Suwawa
  • Pohala’a Boalemo
  • Pohala’a Atinggola

Sultan Hurudji WAS the first king of Boalemo, who was crowned in 1607 AD or about the 16th century ago. King Hurudji and his wife, Tawila died in 1686 AD.
Idrus Andi Is Mapanyuki was King Hurudji’s father, who had sailed the trade to the Ternate Islands. His wife, Zaenab Sultan Babullah and four sons,  Hurudji born 1578 AD, Mauhe born around 1579 AD, Humongio born 1580 AD and Hutudji born 1582 AD.

During Dutch time, the government system several times changed. In “Lembaran Negara tahun 1925 Nomor 262”, the Residency of Gorontalo was divided into two areas of government, namely:
1) Onder Afdeling Gorontalo with Onder district, covering Atinggola, Kwandang, Sumalata, Batudaa, Tibawa, Gorontalo, Telaga, Tapa, Kabila, Suwawa and Bonepantai,
2) Onder Afdeling Boalemo with Onder district, covering Paguyaman, Tilamuta and Paguat.

Map of Gorontalo in the past

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