Kingdom of Bunut (Nanga Bunut) / Prov. Kalimantan Barat

The kingdom of Bunut was established in 1815. It was abolished by the Dutch in 1910. Located on Kalimantan, in the prov. of West Kalimantan, district of Kapuas Hulu.

District of  Kapuas Hulu

Prov. of West Kalimantan 

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History of the kingdom

Bunut kingdom was founded in 1815 by Abang Barita di Muara Sungai Kapuas. He founded the kingdom with the approval of King nanga Bunut Selimbau.
Bunut kingdom had been placed under control of the Dutch East Indies in 1909, the ruler of nagara Bunut became penembahan.
The Bunut kingdom was founded by three brothers who came from Java (Yogyakarta), each one of them was determined to build a prosperous nation. So the three of them met to divide the area which would be their territory.

Kingdoms on west Kalimantan  1800

Kerajaan-kerajaan di Kalimantan Barat, tahun 1800.

Kingdoms on west Kalimantan 19th century and beginning 20th century

Keraajaan di Kalimantan barat, abad ke-19 dan awal abad ke-20

List of Kings

1) 1815-1855: Panembahan Adi
2) 1855-1858: Panembahan Mangkunegara I
3) 1858-1876: Panembahan Mangkunegara II
4) 1876-1884: Mangkunegara III
5) 1884-1909: Panembahan Adi Pakunegara

Nagara Bunut under dutch controle in 1909.

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Maps of old Kalimantan (Borneo)

Untuk peta-peta Kalimantan kuno (1570, 1572, 1594, 1601, 1602, 1740, 1747, 1760, 1835), klik di sini.

Peta Kalimantan (Borneo) tahun 1601

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