Kingdom of Bancea / Prov. Sulawesi Tengah – kab. Poso

The kingdom of Bancea is a kingdom under the kingdom of Poso. Located in District of Poso, prov. Sulawesi Tengah.

District of Poso

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History of the kingdom of Bancea

The Pamona (East Toraja) people are divided into four groups.
The first group resided around Tomini Bay and the neck of the eastern peninsula of Central Sulawesi, consisting of several sub-ethnic groups such as the Lalaeo, Ra’u, Poso, and Wana people.
The second group resided around Lake Poso, namely the Pebato, Lage, Kadambuku, Unda’e, Payapi, Lamusa, Longken, Buyu, Pu’umboto, Wotu and Bancea sub-ethnic groups.
The third group inhabits the upper part of the La’a River valley and the eastern part of Lake Poso, namely the Palende, Kalae, Tanandoa, Pada, Pakambia, and Pu’umnana sub-ethnic groups.
The fourth group is those who live in the upper reaches of the Kalaena River and the southern part of Lake Poso, namely the Lampu, Tawi, Laiwono and Lembo sub-tribes.

There is no information about the Bancea kingdom.

Foto Bancea,1911. Zending bureau celebes netherland. Jenly Bonde, FB

King of Bancea


Foto of King Talasa and King of Bancea, Oema I Nggolo in 1910-an in Poso. Sira Ngkai oema I Nggolo is thought to have died around 1910, this means that he was in full power between before the Dutch came and after the Dutch came between 1900-1910 or even further to 1890 or 1880. Photo source: pramaartha pode, FB

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