Kingdom of Ma’rang / Prov. Sulawesi Selatan, Kab. Pangkajane dan Kepulauan

The kingdom of Ma’rang, located on Sulawesi, the islands of Pangkajane, prov. of South Sulawesi.

District of Kepulauan Pangkajane

Provinsi of South Sulawesi

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History of the kingdom

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Ma’rang district was headed by a Karaeng, who had seven heads of Kampung, consisting of 1. PituE (Lokmo), 2. Ma’rang (Matowa), 3. Bontosunggu (Lokmo), 4. (Gallarang), 5. Tala ( Mado), 6. Bonto – Bonto (Mado ‘), 7. Kassi (Jennang).
According to the history the kekaraengan (kingdom) of Ma’rang exists since 100 years ago. The first Karaeng was named Daeng Mattola from Lokmo descent in PituE. Formerly the PituE included PituE, Ma’rang and Bontosunggu villages. The village was founded by Bugis people. The crown consists of a plow. According to the history of Kampung Laikang was founded by people who come from Lemo – lemo (Bira, Bulukumba).

From left to right: king of Laikang, (second from left) king of Ma’Rang, Andi haslan Krg Tompo, king of Binamu, prime minister of the sultanate of Sekala Brak dan the king of Barombong. 2015.


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