Kingdom of Larantuka / Isl. of Flores – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur

The Kingdom of Ilimandiri Larantuka: 1600 – 1904. Located on the island of Flores, district Flores Timur.

Location of Larantuka on Flores

Location island of Flores

Foto kingdom of Larantuka

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About the king

Sept. 2013
The last Queen of Larantuka, Ratu Dona Martina Diaz Vieira Goidinho of Larantuka, died on 13 september 2013.

Since 2013
The king is Don Andre III Marthinus DVG.

King Don Andre III Marthinus DVG

History of the kingdom of Larantuka, 1600 – 1904

The Kingdom of Larantuka was a kingdom in present-day East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It was the one of the few, if not the only, indigenous Roman Catholic polities in the territory of modern Indonesia. Acting as a tributary state of the Portuguese Crown, the Raja (King) of Larantuka controlled holdings on the islands of Flores, Solor, Adonara and Lembata. It was later purchased by Dutch East Indies from the Portuguese, prior to its annexation in 1904.
Despite losing its effective sovereignty after the annexation, the Kingdom’s royal family persisted as traditional figureheads prior to the final abolishment of the royal structure by republican authorities in 1962.

By 1515, there was trade between both Flores and Solor with the foreigners, and by 1520 a small Portuguese settlement has been constructed in Lifau, at Solor. The trade in sandalwood also attracted Chinese and Dutch along with nearer Makassarese, creating competition. The Makassarese attacked and captured Larantuka in 1541 to extend their control over the sandalwood trade and in 1613, the Dutch destroyed the Portuguese base at Solor before establishing themselves at modern Kupang.
On 14 September 1887 a new Raja Don Lorenzo Diaz Vieria Godinho ascended to the throne as Lorenzo II, who was educated by Jesuit priests. Showing clear traits of independence, he attempted to extract taxes from territories belonging to a nearby Raja of Sikka, led groups of men to intervene in local conflicts, and refused to conduct sacrifices in the manner his predecessors did for the non-Catholic natives. Eventually, colonial authorities responded by deposing and exiling him to Java on 1904, where he died six years later.
The first Raja to be baptized was Ola Adobala who was brought up under Portuguese education.

– For more: history of Larantuka: Wiki

Kingdoms on Flores, 17/18th century, incl. Larantuka (red)

List of kings

  1. Putri Ile Jadi,Putri Watowele (married with Raja Pati Golo Arkyan)
  2. Raja Padu Ile
  3. Raja Sira Demong Pagamolang
  4. Raja Mau Boli
  5. Raja Sira Paing
  6. Raja Sira Lanang
  7. Raja Sira Napang
  8. Raja Igo
  9. Raja Adu Wuring
  10. Raja Ado Bala
  11. Raja Ola Ado Bala (tahun 1645 baptized as Katolik with the name Don Fransisco Diaz Viera de Godinho/DVG)
  12. Don Gaspar I DVG (original name: Raja Patih Goloh)
  13. Don Manuel DVG (original name: Raja Kuaka Douwo Ama.Because he was still young, he was represented by Don Contantino Blanterang de Rosari, original name Raja Kone)
  14. Don Andre I DVG (original name Raja Pandai I)
  15. Don Laurenso I DVG
  16. Don Andre DVG II
  17. Don Gaspar II
  18. 1877-1887: Don Dominggo DVG (Raja Ence).
  19. 1887-1904: Don Lorenzo II DVG Raja Usi Neno. He was captured bij holland and exiled to Yogyakarta. He died 1910 in Yogya
  20. 1905-1906: Deputy Raja Luis Blantarang de Rosary.
  21. 1906-1912: Triumvirat consisting of:
    –  Payong Blanterang de Rosar
    –  Emanuel Monteiro
    –  Yohanes Blanterang de Rosari

      22. –

      23. 1937-1962: Don Lorenzo III DVG (Raja Nua Usi. He was the last king of Larantuka).

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The palace of the king of Larantuka was built in 1887 by king Don Lorenso DVG, who ruled 1887-1910.
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