Kingdom of Riung / Isl. of Flores – Prov. Nusa Tenggara Timur

The kingdom of Riung was located on Flores, in the District of Ngada.

Location island of Flores


Location of Ngada on Flores

Foto kingdoms on Flores

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* Foto island of Flores in the past: link
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Line of kingdoms on Flores: link

Video history Flores and NTT, 50.000 BC – today: link


About the king today

There is no information about the king today (2018)

Left: king of Riung. Right: king of Keo and left from him: king of KangaESumber foto: donald tick, FB

History of the kingdom of Riung

The kingdom of Riung was founded by the dutch government. Decision 28 November 1917, No.57, (Korte Verklaring) and 3 Augustus 1918 No.5477/15. With king: Petor Sila alias Poewa Mimak.

The kingdom of Riung was the only Islamic kingdom on Flores, and it was never dominated by any nation or tribe on Flores. Riung kingdom was led by a king, named Ismail Pethor Sila. The boundaries of the kingdom of Riung were: west, Manggarai with Alo Mola natural boundary; South side, District and Sub-District Bajawa Soa with its natural limits Kolopenu times.

Kingdoms on Flores, 17/18th century, incl. Riung (red)

Source history Flores (english)

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Source Riung (only indon. language)

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Source Flores (only indon. language)

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