Kingdom of Balanipa / Prov. Sulawesi Barat – kab. Polewali Mandar

The Kingdom of Balanipa is a kingdom of the Mandar People; located in the district Polewali Mandar, west Sulawesi.
The title of the king is Arayang.

District of Polewali Mandar

Province of West Sulawesi 

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Present King

1. Nov. 2005: Arayang Balanipa installed: Andi Fadli Patayangi, Raja ke-55, sejak 2005. link

2. 2013: The Arajang of Balanipa ke 55: Y M H Bau Arifin Malik, Raja Balanipa ke-55, link

There is no information, who is the 55th Arayang of Balanipa.

History of the kingdom

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The kingdom of Balanipa, was one of the kingdoms in the Mandar region that had position of Ama or the father in the Federation of Pitu Baqbana Binanga (“Seven kingdoms in the mouth of the river”); he was accompanied by the kingdom of Sendana as Mother.
Balanipa itself began to exist in the era of reign of Imanyambungi known with the title “Todilaling”. Todilaling was the first king to hold the throne over the territory of Balanipa by combining the four great land “Appeq Banua Kaiyyang” (Napo, Mosso, Samasundu, and Todang-Todang). The greatness of the Balanipa kingdom in the Pitu Baqbana Binanga and PUS (Pitu Ulunna Salu) union was well known in its time.

Below note from Akhmad Azhari

Not without reason Balanipa Kingdom was happy to help the Kingdom of Gowa. This is because the first King (Mara’dia) of Balanipa is someone, who had the blood of Gowa descent, he is Mara’dia Todilaling. After his death, the crown prince of Mara’dia Tomepayung (King of Balanipa II), began to initiate the expansion of territory. The Kingdom of Passokorang (now Mamuju District) in the North was conquested. Followed by mediation of small kingdoms in mountainous and coastal areas by the subsequent Balanipa kings to unite under the banner of “Mandar” with the Kingdom of Balanipa as the mother kingdom, given its most powerful military power along with its established system of government. The most powerful reason for the unification of this kingdom in one union was at the time of the Kingdom of Bone (which was still led by Arung Palakka) trying to attack the Kingdom of Balanipa. Although ultimately failed because of success Mara’dia Balanipa hook alliances from all regions of Mandar (West Sulawesi).

Location of Balanipa

List of kings

Versi 1


  1. Todilaling (Imayambunggi, son of Puang di Gandang, grandchild of Todiurra-urra, both were king before sebelum Todilaling.
  2. Tomepayung, son of the first king
  3. Todijalloq, son of the first king Pertama
  4. Daetta, son of king 3
  5. Todigayang, son of king 4
  6. Todiboseang, son of king 4
  7. Tomatindo di Burio, son of king 4
  8. Tomatindo di Sattoko, son of king 4
  9. Tolambus(SU), son of king 7
  10. Tomatindo di Buttu, son of king 6
  11. Tomatindo di Langgana, son of king 8
  12. Pammarica, grandchild of king 4
  13. Tomatindo di Langgana, king 11 (second time)
  14. Tomate Malolo, son of king 11.
  15. Tomatindo di Limboro, grandchild of king 6
  16. Tokasi-asi, grandchild of king 6
  17. Tomatindo di Langgana, king 11 and  13
  18. Tomatindo di Barugana, son of king 11, 13 and 17
  19. Tomatindo di Tammangalle, son of king 15
  20. Tomatindo di Pattinna, grandchild of king 8 and 9
  21. Tomatindo di Barugana, king 18 (2 times)
  22. Tomatindo di Pattina, king 20 (2 times)
  23. Daeng Manguju,grandchild king 12
  24. Tomatindo di Pattinna, king 20 and 22
  25. Tomatindo di Salassana, putra Raja ke 18
  26. Tomappelei Musunna, son of king 18
  27. Tomessung dikotana, son of king 18
  28. Daeng Massikki, son of king 18
  29. Daeng Paewai, son of king 19
  30. Tomatindo di Binanga Karaeng, son of king 18
  31. Tomatindo di Lansirang, grandchild king 15
  32. Tomessu di Taloloq, son of king 19
  33. Tomattoleq Ganranna, son of king 26 (merangkap Raja Majene)
  34. Tomappelei Pattuyunna, son of king 26 (merangkap Raja Majene)
  35. Pakkacoco, son of king 31
  36. Pakkalobang Tomate Macciqda, son of king 33
  37. Tomongeq Alelanna, son of king 34 (also king of Majene)
  38. Panggandang, grandchild of king 26 (son of Pakkatitting king of Sendana)
  39. Tomatindo di Marica, son of king 35
  40. Tomessu di Mosso, grandchild king 26
  41. Tomatindo di Marica, king 39 (2 times)
  42. Panggandang, king 38 (2 times)
  43. Tomatindo di Lekopaqdis, son of king 36
  44. Passaleppa (Ammana I Bali), son of king 32
  45. Tomelloli (Mandawari), son of king 44
  46. Tokape, son of king 43
  47. Tomelloli (Mandawari),  king 43 (2 times)
  48. Tonaung Anjoro (Sanggaria), grandchild king 37 (also king of Majene)
  49. Tomelloli (Mandawari),  king 45 and 47 (3 times)
  50. Tomatindo di Judda, grandchild king 36
  51. H. Andi Baso, grandchild king 46
  52. H. Andi Depu, son of king 50
  53. Puang Mandaq (H. A. Syahribulan), grandchild king 46

Versi 2

– Source: Nur Kasim, FB

…….. – 1850: Kabong Tomatindo di Lekopadia
1850 – 1862: Passaleppa Ammana I Bali
1862 – 1870: —
1870 – 1871: Tomelloli Manawari (Pertama)
1871 – 1872: Kape Tokape
1872 – 1873: Maradia Kape
1873 – 1880: Tomelloli Manawari (Kedua)
1880 – 1885: Sanggariya Tonaung Anjoro (Arayang ke-39)
1885 – 1906: Tomelloli Manawari (Ketiga) (Arayang ke-40)
1908 – 1927: Laju Kakanna I Doro Tomatindo di Judda (Arayang ke-41)
1927 – 1947: Andi Baso Pabiseang (Arayang ke-42, Regent 1929)
1950 – 1957: Hj. Andi Depu (pr) (Arayang ke-43, Regent), putri Arayang ke-41 Laju Kakanna I Doro.
Maradia Andi Depu of Balanipa, the charismatic queen and rebelleader from Mandar-W Sulawesi area. Ruled 1950-57.

17 Kingdoms of the Mandar Region
Mandar tribe consists of 17 kingdoms: 7 kingdoms called “Pitu Ulunna Salu”, 7 kingdoms called “Pitu ba’bana binanga” and 3 kingdoms called “Kakarunna Tiparittiqna Uhai”.

The seven kingdoms belonging to Persekutuan Pitu Ulunna Salu are:

1 Kingdom of Rante Bulahang
2 Kingdom of Aralle
3 Kingdom of Tabulahan
4 Kingdom of Mambi
5 Kingdom of Matangnga
6 Kingdom of Tabang
7 Kingdom of Bambang

Seven (7) kingdoms belonging to Persekutuan Pitu Baqbana Binanga are :

1 Kingdom of Balanipa
2 Kingdom of Sendana
3 Kingdom of Banggae
4 Kingdom of Pamboang
5 Kingdom of Tapalang
6 Kingdom of Mamuju
7 Kingdom of Binuang.

Three (3) kingdoms belonging to Kakaruanna Tiparittiqna Uhai or the region of Lembang Mappi are:

1. Kingdom of Allu
2. Kingdom of Tuqbi
3. Kingdom of Taramanuq