Kingdom of Beo / Isl. of Karakelong – Prov. Sulawesi Utara

The kingdom of Beo was located on the island of Karakelong, prov. Sulawesi Utara, Kab. Kepulauan Talaud.

Location district Kepulauan Talaud

Karakelong is located in the district of Talaud.

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History of the kingdom of Beo

Until 1808 the village of Beo was named “Tanjung Bangku”, located in the middle of the mouth of the Marat and Taloara rivers. In 1817 the Dutch East Indies established its territory with the administrative center at “Tanjung Bangku”.
The Netherlands called the area “Beo”. Beo was the center of North Talaud’s government. While Lirung became the center of South Talaud government.
King Julius Sario Tamawiwy, who was based in Beo, instructed the community (ruang’nu), who were settled in Bantik, Masing, Malabut, Urune, and others around Beo to leave because of a plague, to settle in the village of Beo, which today is called Marumun. Beo became the center of government, and the population increased.

The kapitan laut of Beo-Talaud 1926

Source (only indon. language)

– Sejarah Beo:,_Beo,_Kepulauan_Talaud
– Sejarah Beo:

Grave of JULIUS SARIO TAMAWIWIJ, Padoeka king P.P. TALAUD, died 19-7-1931 in Manado, burried 28-7-1931 in BEO.

Kompleks of graves of the clan Marga TAMAWIWIJ from Beo.

Grave of SS TAMAWIWIJ, President DJOGOEGOE BEO, died 20 Juni 1919 at the age of 70 years.

Old maps of the islands of Sangihe (Sangir), Talaud and Tagulandang

 Sangihe (Sangir), Talaud and Tagulandang in Sulawesi Utara,  1700.


 Sangihe (Sangir) and Talaud, 1724


 Sangihe (Sangir), Talaud and Tagulandang, 1894

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