Principality of Banua Lima / Prov. Kalimantan Selatan

The principality of Banua Lima is located in the Sultanate of Banjar, prov. South Kalimantan. Banua Lima is a province of Banjar Sultanate. This province covers most of the Hulu Sungai area in South Kalimantan.

Kesultanan Banjar

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History of the principality

When Ampu Jatmika, a merchant from Keling land, came to the island of Hujung Tanah (Borneo) to open a new country, he entered the River of Bahan (river Negara) and established the temple Laras on the banks of the river Tapin, as the center of the first kingdom kerajaan Negara Dipa. After appointing himself as king, he searched for a new area next to the Upper river and conquered its inhabitants, namely the five river basins (Banua Lima), the Batang Alai River, the Tabalong River, the Balangan River, the Pitak River (the Pitap River), and the Amandit River and the territory hills that were originally inhabited by the Dayak tribe of Bukit. These five areas are referred to as Banua Lima. Each Daerah Aliran Sungai (DAS) was led by a sakai person. Ampu Jatmika then established the Great Temple (Candi Agung) as the second center of the kingdom. In its development the center of the kingdom moved again to the downstream of the State called the Kingdom of Negara Daha. That is why all the regions of the State city up to the river of Material are called Banua Lima, while the area not including Banua Lima is the area around the Tapin river (Laras Temple site) (or Banua Ampat and Margasari District).

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Pangeran Haji Mayasin bin Pangeran Abdul Kadir attending the installation of Pejabat Banua Lima in Barabai, 1875