Kingdom of Jampang Manggung / Prov. Jawa Barat – Kab. Cianjur

The kingdom of Jampang Manggung is located on Jawa, Kecamatan Cianjur, kab. Cianjur, prov. Jawa Barat.
This kingdom existed in the 2nd century.

Location district of Cianjur

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History of the kingdom

The Kingdom of Jampang Manggung was a monarchy that ever existed in the history of the Tatar Pasundan kingdom in the archipelago founded by Aki Sugiwanca, who is none other than the sister of Aki Tirem, ancestor of the Sundanese kings, who first established the Sunda kingdom in Pulosari Banten in the 2nd century AD.

Old tradition of the Jampang Manggung kingdom

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One of the traditions of Jampang Manggung Kingdom that is presently preserved, is bathing the circumcised child. Tradition like this is designated the descendant of king Jampang Manggung since hundreds of years ago. The procession of this tradition begins early in the morning, from before the sun rises by parading children who after circumcision using a stretcher accompanied by art of kendang pencak to bathing pool that has been provided. The convoy, escorted by hundreds of warriors, traveled a distance of one kilometer. Had stalled around the 1970s because no one wanted to continue it, recently Pondok Pesantren Bina Akhlak in Sawargi Village Babakan Rubber Village District Cianjur re-pass the tradition.

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